Blog birthday

The 21st of June is the winter solstice and also this blog’s fourth birthday. More than 3000 posts and maybe 50 000 comments (I have more than 40 000 on record and thousands more were lost in the database disasters of 2002 and 2003) make this a pretty huge endeavour. No doubt, much of the content has been ephemeral or worse, but I think there are some substantial contributions. Thanks to everyone who’s helped to make this a success and encouraged me to keep going.

I’ll be marking the occasion by taking a bit of a break. Feel free to talk among yourselves (politely, please!)

Meanwhile, there’s loads of good stuff around the Australian blogosphere. Tim Dunlop and Tim Lambert are reliably readable, and there’s always Tim Blair if you fancy a change of pace.

My econoblogging colleagues, Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh have hit the headlines with their study of births delayed to get the government’s baby bonus, but fame doesn’t seem to have swelled their heads. Then there’s the group blogs, Catallaxy, Larvatus Prodeo and Troppo. I’ve had some great interactions with all of them.

I got some interesting links from some recent posts, including this one on my review of Yochai Benkler, which leads to an interesting debate about Wikipedia, and Harry Clarke on whaling.

Finally, if you’re one of the handful of readers who’ve been around from the beginning might remember David Morgan, one of the pioneers of Australian plogging, and one of the first to quit, when he found fatherhood more exciting than typing. He was on the ABC quiz show The Einstein Factor last night and won (he previously made big money on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, I think). Interestingly, his blog is still live, though it hasn’t been updated for years.

27 thoughts on “Blog birthday

  1. PrQ, have you thought about joining the LP team, given that it is Brisbane centred and you also reside in Qld?

    If you did I think it would increase your exposure.

  2. PrQ,
    Congratulations on your latest milestone. I hope it will be one of many to come. While we disagree regularly, I enjoy having somewhere to have a good and reasonably fair-minded discussion of the issues.
    Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

  3. Avoid the group blog lure, Prof! Remain an individual!

    And despite past (and future) differences, sincere congratulations on your fourth.

  4. Funny, you don’t look a day over three.

    And what tim said. Assimulation is futile. Just keep CT as your bit on the side but no more.

  5. We’d love to assimilate John, but I think there is space for individual blogs and this one has a great following and is consistent thematically because it’s written by one very knowledgeable and intelligent author.

    Happy blog birthday!

  6. Congratulations on the milestone Prof Q. You deseve the break. While you are away do you anticipate receiving any birthday cards fron the IPA, the CIS or any columnists from The Austrlian?

  7. Happy birthday.

    Your blog and troppo got me into this thing. Such an institution.

    Thank you for your linking support of my various endeavours.

    As you karate types say, Oos!

  8. Happy birthday. Like Armaniac, yours is the blog that began my addiction. Long may it reign.

  9. It is a great achievement. Well done on producing a blog for such a significant period of time. It is a privilege to have this site for those of us who look for news views different to the rest. Enjoy the break.

  10. The 21st of June is the winter solstice and also this blog’s fourth birthday.

    It’s also the 0th birthday of my third child. A little girl born today at 5:06pm. 3.9kg. Mum and bub are doing great.

    Well done on the blog. Like a good pub the place has atmosphere and interesting characters.

  11. Congratulations to both John and Terje. I have young children as well and am going on a few weeks leave over the school holidays but will still no doubt keep an eye on And thanks to all for the friendly inclusion of a newcomer to the blog.

  12. From a long-time reader and very occasional commenter, congratulations and thanks, John.

    Congratulations to you too, Terje. I’ve got three as well, so that makes six … er, eight … um, ten of us.

  13. Terje, Congrats indeed. I’ve also got 3 – I wanted 4 but my sperm count declined and my wife said enough, so I got into blogging.

    BTW you can now blog all night while you help mum with the new bub.

    Congrats John. Its a great blog and you provide a valuable service to the community as a public intellectual as well as being a top Australian economist. Your politics will switch as you vintage.

    Having run a blog site myself for 4 months you are an inspiration for making it to 4 years. I think a metablog on time, blogging and work would be nice when you return from your break. Its a real issue.

  14. Alexander Cockburn wrote in CounterPunch recently about the US blogosphere:

    “The effect on writers is horrifying. Talented people feel they have produce 400 words of commentary every day and you can see the lethal consequences on their minds and style, both of which turn rapidly to slush. They glance at the New York Times and rush to their laptops to rewrite what they just read. Hawsers to reality soon fray and they float off , drifting zeppelins of inanity.”

    Clearly, Prof Q, the estimable Cockburn hadn’t kept up to date with – a must-read information source and stimulus for thought. Happy anniversary indeed!

  15. I think this blog is an extraordinary achievement. To produce material day after day, covering a range of topics, with unfailing good humour, balance and courtesy, and with such unpretentious lucidity about technical material – sheesh, that is something.

    I enjoy Larvyprod a lot, with its variety and raffishness, and knockabout idea formation, but this place has a poise and unity which is about sharing an individual sensibility.

    Enuff dipping me lid. But I mean it all. A treasure.

  16. Congrats on a phenomenal achievement. Please tell us poor souls out here that you are in fact a committee. One thousand posts a year on top of a mountain of other output. Jeez?

  17. A very Happy Birthday Professor Bloggin’. And may you, and therefore all of us, all enjoy many more. Thank you.

  18. good onya John!
    all of what David Tiley said. and especially thanks for always making us laypeople feel welcome and included.

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