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  1. I just learned that the U.S. military is burning up 150 million barrels of refined petroleum products each year. That’s over 10% of America’s domestic oil production…

    That seems quite high and quite a blow to our push for energy “independence,” not to mention the global warming aspects…

    Anyone have any idea where I can get similar oil use data for the militaries of other countries?

    Or maybe worldwide military oil use data?


  2. I find the reporting of East Timor interesting. The initial blanket coverage was of Alkatiri as a card-carrying black-hatted baddy, responsible for everything that’s gone wrong. Then there was a bit of a wave the other way – it’s not as simple as that, he’s done good things etc. Now he’s resigned, which I guess will send him back to purgatory.

    Our great Helmsman, he who is sometimes called a Rodent, has been running his usual strategy: it’s anyone’s fault but mine. Yes, I single-handedly took on the Indonesians and ‘freed’ East Timor, but what they do now is up to them.

  3. Not anymore. Just watch hoWARd suck up to BangBang (love his name!), and downplay everything from terror threats to inmigration and the problems in West Papua, to pose for the cameras and kiss and make up.

    He plays the same kind of oversimplification and ignorance of context/history/our own contribution to these problems, especially if innept Downer is concerned with his many comments about East Timor.

    We have to hope and work for peace, especially in our own neighbouhood. But with these stumbling idiots in charge I wouldn’t be surprised if for a cheap political/economical gain they stuff it up even more… again!

    And with Whitlam’s and Keating’s form to add to our history it seems very likely in East Timor. Even more so if the two dingos are just trying to keep dubya happy…

  4. Moving to a different kind of confrontation much more to my liking, GO AUSSIES!
    Let’s make History (with the Azzuri)!

    A couple of good omens: we are playing in the scene of our great victory against a tough Japan, we’ll be wearring the full Aussie kit, green and gold, while the Azzuri will instead be white. And finally, the Spanish ref is the same ref that was at Homebush for the historical win against Uruguay. Let’s hope he is not at all a factor in any way, for either team. FIFA please!

    And if we do play like we did against Brasil or Japan, we shuld definitely be quietly confident of a great result (that’s a big IF!). They are the favourites and we have nothing to lose, so LET’S GO AUSSIES!


  5. Hi John,

    What’s your policy on moderating blog entries? I’m an infrequent poster- maybe one or two a month, if that, but every time I do I see the post is awaiting moderation, sometimes for over a day (currently one in Weekend Reflections that’s 22 hours old). It’s your blog, so I’ve no argument with whatever way you want to run it, I’m just curious.

    -cheers, Peter

  6. I’m very pleased Channel 9 don’t have any part of it this time. Four years ago, when they had all the ‘good’ games, they treated it with disdain. It was as if they’d just out-bid SBS out of spite. Channel nine is a truly revolting smelly testosteroned network.

    SBS love their football. And go the Socceroos!

  7. I have been amazed not to see a single comment, in either the mainstream media, or the blogosphere noting the collapse of the Liberal attempt the rewrite the history of the 2001 election.

    At the time their slogan was all about keeping out asylum seekers, but afterwards they tried to claim that this had little to do with their victory – it was based on good economic management. (Let’s ignore the question of whether it was their economic management or that of the Chinese government that was responsible for the state of the economy).

    Now however, a number of backbench MPs have denounced the opponents of further tightening the legislation, arguing that they owe their seats in 2001 to the Tampa tantrum, so the moderates should just shut up.

    Maybe the point is too obvious to need to be made, except by those as slow-witted as me, or maybe it *has* been made lots of times and I have just missed it, but I expected the contrast to be pointed to and have not seen it.

  8. To those ignorant few who are fussing about offshoe processing. Look at the UK,EU and theUS,the illegal torrent is absolutely out of control.
    These days people are on the move from poor countries to well off countries ie they are economics.They create huge social problems in the new counries in the West. Look at the 4000 burnt cars in France and Madrid.
    Even in tolerant countries , people are having second thought by adopting a harsher restriction. France and Holland are doing it.
    What is the big deal with offshore processing? A fuss about nothing

  9. Tomorrow across our wide brown land good people will gather and rightly protest the IR laws introduced by the Liberals. But I cannot lend my body to a gathering where the guest highlight speaker is to be Kim Beasley representing the ALP. Because on the ground his party make sdecisions that make it easier for employees to receive less pay.

    The ALP dominated Moreland Council (no longer the People’ sRepublic Of ) voted last month to transfer the management of the wonderful Coburg Indoor Pool to a private company, at the expense of the non-profit YMCA. The hearings were held in camera. The decision was voted against by two Green Councillors alone. These changes will mean a decrease in the pay and conditions of the current full and part time employees over time; it is how the private company can undercut the YMCA.

    So when pious Kim gets up to thunderous sheep like applause by his union puppet mastersremember that the IR laws used by Howard are a natural extension to the changes the Keating Government made.

    Tweedle dee and tweedle dum are postering and spinning while Australia stagnates in so many ways.

    Both parties are represented by people who see our world as an economy and not a community.

    I cannot be part of the Bealsey’s stage, he disgusts me.

  10. StephenL, being a politician means having thy cake and eating it.

  11. To Peter E, comments get automoderated for various reasons, and right now I’m being a bit slow in posting the genuine ones. Now that you’ve been approved on one comment, you should be OK if you stick to the same name and don’t put in spam words like V**G*A

  12. JQ,

    Hmm. Just posted 15 minutes ago over in “Penalties” and it’s awaiting moderation too. Ages ago (two years?) I posted a few times with this email addres but my initials (pwe) as my name. Could that be confusing your automoderator?


  13. Good to see the right result from the US Supreme Court on the Guantanamo tribunals. Maybe the US Government will now realise that the Geneva Conventions apply to them as well.
    Guantanamo has been a dirty stain on the reputation of the West. It needs to be closed as soon as possible.

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