A great win, and a stunning riposte to everyone who was bagging the team and coach after the 1 point loss in the first game. It was a good series, but taken in all, Queensland earned their win well.

6 thoughts on “Queenslander!

  1. How can you say QLD earned their win well?
    They played very well in the second game, but besides that they were ordinary for rest of the series.
    They were completely dominated in the first game and only came close due NSW relaxing and some very dubious refereeing decisions (the penalising of Buderus in posession that directly led to QLD’s last try).
    They were out of it in the 3rd game (admittededly with some interesting refereeing), until NSW again relaxed and Brett Hogdson had a brain explosion (he should never play Origin again).
    I don’t think it was a comprehensive victory for QLD.
    More likely, it was NSW complacency.

  2. Take off the blue glasses! Queensland struggled in the first half of game one but then came good and almost won it, then thumped NSW in Brisbane to even the series, then had to overcome some awful decisions early in the second half to win the series. NSW didn’t relax, they were beaten by a better team. Their three tries last night were an intercept and two bodgy decisions by the referee. If they really did relax with ten minutes left in the deciding game after the way Qld had played since half time in game 1, they don’t deserve to win anyway. Qld didn’t relax for the last four minutes after getting the lead.

    I will say this though: Thank goodness Andrew Johns has retired from rep footy!!

  3. QLD deserved to win and if there was a god. QLD would be given one extra TRY (Tonie Carrol) and NSW one less. Even Gus agrees that QLD go the rough end of the pineapple.

    But then agree he doesn’t like the NSW coach.

  4. Two points. As a New South Welshman, I can say honestly say that the best team on the night won. No question from me on that. But I still maintain that Mal Meninga is not GOd’s gift to the human intellect.

  5. How much did queenslanders pay the ref for that win. now i can see why raffle tickets bought in queensland have risen by 70%

  6. Pat, you are kidding !!! … didn’t you notice Dallas Johnson’s head rock back BEFORE he tapped Buderus’ face with his knee ?? The reverse angle actually SHOWS Buderus elbowing Johnson in the head (I can’t recall which, but the reverse angle video was on either the Footy Show / Sunday Roast the following weekend), Johnson gives him a slight knee facial, then Buderus comes up swinging … penalty QLD for sure !!

    If we were on our game in that first 20 minutes you Blues would have suffered a 3 blot loss !! QUEENSLANDAHHHHH !!!!

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