Not the News ?

Today’s NYT runs an Associated Press story headed Farmers Use Bull Semen to Inseminate Cows, which reports, as news, the fact that dairy farmers use artificial insemination on a large scale.

Next they’ll be telling us that milkmaids face unemployment due to the introduction of milking machines.

Since I’ve given the setup, feel free to lower the tone in comments.

15 thoughts on “Not the News ?

  1. Makes you worry about what they were using before they switched to bull semen. I can only assume that the change will do wonders for the breeding rates, however.

  2. “Journalists Frequently Run Crap To Fill Columns”

    “NYT Editors have never left inner Tribeca”

    “Storks face redundancy as Humans do it for themselves”

  3. How about “Earth in Orbit around Sun” or “CIS and IPA support policies for upwards movement of income”, subject always to caveat that if former interferes with latter then we can expect to see introduction of AC&K- Anti Copernicus and Kepplerism.

  4. ” “Surprise! – blogger links to funny headline in mainstream newspaperâ€? ” – … “And adds own witty commentary”

    LOL, of course we are all too lazy to read the primary sources in the first place and this news driven criticism is not applicable to said blogger as he does it sparingly and effectively. But it certainly is to many others.

  5. While I understand the hilarity of the headline, I understand the reportable fact was that insemination is 100% artificial, not just occaisional or for a few cows who are sick of being servicecd.

    Really though, it’s hardly a concern for society. For it to be of any interest you either have to be an extremely backward cow farmer or someone quite concerned for animal welfare.

    I wonder that PETA/RSPCA never get concerned about the cruelty to cows who have to give birth as virgins, but then this has been happening for yonks so it’d be a bit late for them to start protesting now.

  6. Lisa,
    Having worked on a farm I can assure you that even the biggest bull’s member (get around spam filter) going in is small compared to a calf coming out. I really do not think it would provide any useful pre-stretching.

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