BrisScience, 31 July

I’ve been very much enjoying attending the BrisScience lecture series, and next week I’ll get to give one. I’m talking on Monday July 31 at the Ithaca Auditorium, City Hall, on the topic “Economics: The Hopeful Science” (6pm for 6:30). The theme of my talk, which should be familiar to readers of this blog is that we can (and must) have both economic growth and protection of the environment.

12 thoughts on “BrisScience, 31 July

  1. “we can (and must) have both economic growth and protection of the environment”

    Well, yes, but apart from a handful of extremists, who could disagree?

    The relevant questions are, IMO, if choices have to be made, whether one has primacy over the other: whether a strong economy is a pre-condition for a healthy environment, or whether it’s the other way around.

  2. As I’ll argue Uncle M, the two are complements rather than substitutes in most cases, and where there are trade-offs, the cost of environmental protection is much lower than a lot of discussion would suggest.

  3. The move to City Hall is welcome, and probably tips the balance in favour of me – and probably others like me – attending. (It’s a more feasible walk from work than the Valley.)

  4. I hope I don’t offend anyone too much, but …

    economics is a science ???

  5. John,

    I can’t attend in person but your talk sounds interesting (and positive). Will you be posting a transcript on this blog?


  6. The title is an allusion to Carlyle’s description of economics as “The Dismal Science”

  7. Please provide a transcript of your talk after Monday so that us country folk can benefit

  8. Quiggin Live…

    John Quiggin will be the speaker at the next BrisScience talk at 6.30 on Monday night at City Hall in the Ithaca Auditorium.
    Details are here:
    Economics: The Hopeful Science
    Discussion of environmental problems is often polarised between two kinds of p…

  9. Are we talking about a dumbed-down prosthetic environment here or do we mean protection of the biodiverse environment that we evolved in and which provides us with clean water and bolsters our immune systems whilst providing a sense of wonder and belonging?

  10. Ahh, that makes a bit more sense.

    I would second Robert Merkel’s suggestion. Late Night Live has recorded and re-broadcast lectures. Since they have started making their broadcasts available via mp3’s on the web it has given alot of people who could not attend the lectures in person the chance to listen to them at their leisure.

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