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  1. Bruce Wilder, a regular commenter on Economist’s View, has contributed a long and illuminating piece about how he sees the US political world. Illuminating, but also a scary vision of a fractured society. Worth reading for those interested in US political developments – and who can avoid that?

  2. I’m consistently baffled why so many people make generalizations when specific application of localized community interaction is priori.

    Should we walk around backwards when national policy dictates local reality?

  3. Anyone else not going to fill in the Census form for their houshold this week?

    I haven’t fillws out a form since 1981 and I don’t plan to this year.

    From what I can tell most other OECD countries, if they are still bothering with a formal national census are on a ten year cycle. Denmark hasn’t bothered with a formal count for 56 years.

    Australia seems to be still clinging to the myth of the new dynamic Austral that is growing so quickly and uncontrollably that we need to take a deep breath and spend the night in filling out a tedious form so that someone worthy and erudite can collate all the info and regurgitate a “snapshot” back to us sometime later.

    It seems to me that the statistics collected in this very intrusive and demeaning form would be available to anyone who wants them from other publicly accessible but anonymous sources – as happens elsewhere.

    It isn’t just the four footed wooly ruminants who are sheep in Australia.

  4. The HIGH COURT’S WIK decision on Land RIGHTS overturned by the TEN POINT PLAN , ATSIC kicked out ,Tony Abbott complains about Traditional Ceremonial Life and now John HOWARD is attempting to limit hard won Land Rights in the Northern Territory via their SENATE majority today.
    Where is their CHRISTIAN compassion and Humanity ?

  5. Christian compassion when mixed with politics can be a right menace. I prefer the notion of secular government.

    Land rights are in peril everywhere. Look at heritage laws and their application to private homes. It seems everybody loves to tell everybody else what they can do with their land.

  6. Oh you rebel “Don’t count me in”!! I wish I was brave enough to b like you. Do you avoid voting as well?

    kartiya – I didn’t vote in a CHRISTIAN party – I voted in the LIBERAL party. Where is your SECULAR compassion and humanity?

    The current system of land rights hasn’t exactly launched the Aboriginals from disadvantage into the 21st Century of economic self-reliance, education, respect for the law and prosperity , has it. Wht is your solution? Continued lashings of sit-down money, leaving children and women in communtiies subject to inhuman abuse?

    Well, come on then, give us the solution , because you obviously don’t think the government has the Aboriginals interests at heart.

  7. Razor said :
    “The current system of land rights hasn’t exactly launched the Aboriginals from disadvantage into the 21st Century of economic self-reliance, education, respect for the law and prosperity , has it.”

    The current system of land rights has hardly had a chance. Most cases have spent years before the courts to be granted ownership to only those lands not covered by pastoral lease or in fact just about any land use past or present covered by European laws. So yes, you’re right it hasn’t worked – the only land that’s been gained has been land of no or little economic worth. And what good is land anyhow, if you have no money? It is good for your spirit but it doesn’t necessarily feed your family, and it certainly won’t educate your kids in wadjela(whitefella) ways.

    As to ‘leaving women and children in communities subject to inhuman abuse’ – I’d just point out that women in Central Australia have been complaining about this for a long, long time. I was there, in Alice Springs in 1980, when the local council bulldozed the women’s refuge because it was allegedly run by ‘lesbian witches’. As one of the workers explained to me at the time – the women and kids used to run the last 400 yards.

    And for all the free angst spilt over the continuing parlous living standards of traditional Australians. It’s just blame-the-victim to trash talk about ‘lashings of sit-down money’. If you think they get special treamtent then perhaps you should volunteer to swap places with someone at Mutijulu or in the Alice town camps for a while.

  8. RAZOR, Can you imagine whay you would be doing today if say the Germans and the Japanese had won World War 11?
    My guess is you would be down on the creek in your humpy going crook at your missus, as you watch your family’s physical and mental health [and your own] detoriate fAST.
    If after managing to survive ,with no RECONCIALING TREATY ,your Land taken ,your Religion and Culture considered irrelevant by the invading power ,you may even take to sake to ease your pain and accept the “gifts” of the victors .
    Take your confused “Secularist Liberals??? ” back to square 1 if you really want to help Aboriginal Australians.

  9. kartiya – in the hypothetical you lay out I probably wouldn’t be around becasue my Grandfather and Father would have died trying to stop the bastards.

    What land I and my family own, we have worked hard for and paid a lot of money for. All Australians should be treated the same.

    A Treaty is normally made between countries – the Aboriginals have no recognised government, they were not unified and still aren’t.

    It has been good in the last few weeks to see lots of Ernie Dingo on the TV – what an excellent role model for the aboriginals.

  10. RAZOR, Howard’s Working Plan for Aboriginal Unity equals “We won’t let them get organised or unified if we can help it “!!
    On the Treaty you could make it with democratically elected representatives of their Land Councils . Haven’t you noticed they call each other “bro” and it doesn’t matter what part of Australia they come from .
    Are you saying all Australians are the same? Don’t think so.

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