Water and climate change

I spent yesterday at the Gold Coast, at a pre-conference Workshop on Water leading up to the International Association of Agricultural Economics Conference which starts today.

My presentation gave some simulation results on the impact of climate change. It’s still preliminary, but for those interested here is the presentation.

There’s a big area set aside for WiFi users at the Conference, including at least one possible liveblogger, who has already chided me for my failure to report promptly. The competition in econoblogging is definitely getting keener, in all senses of the term.

6 thoughts on “Water and climate change

  1. John;
    an interesting paper.
    Given that the net effect on agriculture is likely to be the largest economic change as a result of climate change it is a surprise to me that the ‘ag science’ has progressed so little (at least in the public) since 2000. The science then was that agriculture bound to change both positively and negatively but impossible to predict in any useful way because the regional climate studies were too uncertain. This still seems to be the case.

    However given the tropics are likely to expand etc etc.would not the general thrust of investigation be to identify the marginal areas so that we can begin to abandon those to be negatively affected and exploit those to be positively affected

  2. Informally, I believe this is already occurring within agribusiness. Places to benefit in the region : Northern Australia and New Zealand. Places to suffer: most of south-eastern Australia.

  3. Hi John,

    I’m supposed to have been the liveblogger. My apologies to you and my readers. Now my gentle chiding must return to me. I did explain, but as they say, excuses, schmexcuses.

    Still had a wonderful time in your country. And remain well info-tained (Filipinism there, mate) by your weblog.


  4. As reported in The Adelaide Advertiser which, in turn, refers to a Sun Herald article :

    Worst snowfall on record

    August 19, 2006 09:58pm
    Article from: AAP

    NEW South Wales has suffered its worst snowfall in more than 20 years.

    The figures, collected by the Snowy Hydro power company in the Kosciuszko National Park, found snow coverage in the NSW Alps was worse than the lowest ever recorded level in 1982, today’s Sun Herald reported.

  5. Hi there, does anyone have any references/links/related for cost-effectiveness analysis of water allocation policy or similar?.

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