I haven’t yet posted on the Queensland election campaign, and just as I was thinking about it I heard the tragic news that Lawrence Springborg has had to withdraw from the campaign due to sudden death of his wife’s father. I’d like to express my sympathy to Mr Springborg and his family, which I’m sure will be shared by readers.

10 thoughts on “Condolence

  1. I guess thats the end of any vague hope the coalition had of a real chance in this election. Lawrence can’t really win either way now, if he keeps campaigning strongly he looks like a bad family man, and if he stops campaigning he can’t get the message out.

    Lets hope that enough people are fed up with Beattie’s inaction to put enough opposition members into parliament this time to form an effective opposition, and we can see how we stand in 3 years time.

  2. Lawrence is the perfect example of how public perceptions of politicians are opposite to the private person. Bob Hawke, for example, was the quintessential larrikin in public and in private a rude scheming misanthrope. Keating by contrast was seen to be a bully and arrogant but was an absolute charmer and attentive listener in private.

    In private Lawrence is a warm and sincere individual, with a keen sense of humour. His office is decorated with socialist realist posters from the former Soviet Union, of all things. In all my dealings with him he has been decent and honest, with a robust ethical universe. He is a young man with a young family that he dotes on and keeps out of the public eye. It looks like his side of politics is headed for a devastating defeat in the current campaign. I do hope he comes through all this undamaged.

  3. He is surely very important. With the devastation of the conservative parties at a state level, I fear for the consequences when they get back in.

  4. It was always going to be an unfair fight, and this is a blow that will make it even harder for the Coalition.

    But who knows?

    I understand the Greens are releasing their preferences tomorrow.

  5. Agree David, The best in the Liberal Party are tending to Federal Politics so some mediocre Liberal state politicians. This is bad from the viewpoint of the efficacy of democracy now while Labor Governments are in power and means that we cannot expect good government from the Liberals when the electoral cycle turns – as it will.

    I think the same observation (but reversed) can be made about Federal politics only it is Labor that is depleting of talent there. If Labor wins Federally we will experience a phase of very poor Government in Australia since its best pollies are in Government in the States.

  6. Good post John. I could think of nothing more nightmarish than being in the middle of a campaign and having to face such a loss, and it’s terrible for the family. It certainly puts elections in perspective.

  7. yes it does – I think it responsible of Beattie to down tools and stop attacking anyone from the nationals for a few days

  8. and john howard and ballieau and all those other disgusting liberals, but keep barreling it up the bomber

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