6 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. Making a link doesn’t appear to work in the comments either. Cut and paste the URL of the MP3 into a location bar or console and it works however:

    [audio src="http://www.smpmarketing.com.au/businessmatters/BusinessMatters3_32.mp3" /]

  2. If you’re into podcasting you have to try the ABC’s Radio National site.

    —> Radio National Podcasts

    They have an amazing selection of programs that I used to ignore because its impractical to set aside a fixed slot of time to listen to a radio program. Since they started podcasting in mp3’s I can listen to any of their shows, any time it suits me and even fast forward the boring bits. Whole new world has opened up.

    Late Night Live has been pretty consistently good and interesting.
    The Science Show is also good, but sometimes they do have a really boring show unfortunately.

    If anyone else has any recommended podcasting sites please list them up. Its disappointingly hard to find the podcasting shows.

  3. Quiggin Podcast…

    John Quiggin has joined the podcasting revolution, giving an interview on the economic prospects confronting the SME sector – particular in SEQ – for SMP Marketing’s Business Matters podcast. It’s instructive to hear John point to the impor…

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