On the RSMG blog

Lots of interesting new stuff on the RSMG blog.

Nanni writes on Schumpeterian entrepreneurship versus nuclear energy and Improving eco-efficiency and addressing skill shortage.

Mark gives the news on the MDBC council meeting and claims that the States are ‘failing’ on the water crisis

And I have yet another piece on the drought, pointing out that High security for water is not high enough

3 thoughts on “On the RSMG blog

  1. The solar sailing story warms the cockles of the heart. But given Howard’s current enthusiasm for the nuclear option the water situation leads one to wonder where they will put the power stations (in the middle of Kakadu perhaps?).

  2. melanie, maybe we could use one of those russian floating ones – although, come to think of it what part of our seas is not affected by cyclones or roaring forties? I know, fill Lake Eyre with seawater and put it there

  3. I own the intellectual property on the invention of filling Lake Eyre with seawater – you’ll hear from my lawyers.

    On the other hand, perhaps I’ll just send you the prospectus of my new share float – the Great Trans-Flinders Canal Company Pty (very) Ltd. I can assure you the tax writeoffs will be excellent.

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