10 thoughts on “Monday message board

  1. What is this rubbish coming from the Liberal party about funding chaplains in public schools? It’s insanity after Hollingsworth and Pell were both found to have covered up pedophilia to ask them to supply staff to schools. When will Howard learn that courting the religious right in this country is against the public interest?

  2. John (or anyone else reading) what do you make of the fair pay commission’s ruling last week?

  3. Do simulations, exercises, dry runs or practice drills carried
    out by various services, but always with an eye to media coverage
    get up your nose?
    We’ve all seen the way firefighters will announce the start of a
    new fire season with an exercise, dutifully covered by press and
    particularly tv, to show the public how prepared they are.
    I don’t blame the service chasing publicity but is it really
    news? And can it actually be counter productive in the case of
    firefighters in setting the pyromaniacs off?

  4. Please keep up the climate change, water and energy related topics. The points of view of recent threads has been very interesting. Thanks.

  5. yes pablo, it can be counter=productive in setting off the pyros, however it’s very effective in making sure people have an up to date fire plan. So overall, worthwhile.

  6. I see Peter Beattie has now attacked the Cancer Council for making the obvious point that daylight saving is not a cause of cancer. Like the Seven Signs of cancer, attacking a motherhood organisation like the Cancer Council is yet another worrying symptom of metastesising hubris. I reckon that chair up in the Premier’s office must be haunted like a house in a B grade splatter flick – each passing week sees smiling Pete transmogrify into old Joh. Tonight on the box we were treated to the spectacle of Police Minister Judy Spence defending the police beating up a defenceless old man in Queen Street mall for the heinous crime of not moving on quickly enough for their liking. Can a repeat of the Cedar Bay raid be far off?

  7. gandhi,

    Looks dodgy, doesn’t it? But how does the GOP do it? I can’t figure it out.


  8. John (or anyone else reading) what do you make of the fair pay commission’s ruling last week?

    Clearly the Howard created pay commission simply perpetuates the whole price fixing game that is good for labour market insiders and bad for labour market outsiders. Although simply fixing a flaw price is certainly more efficient that pegging prices up and down the whole range of pay scale.

    The ACTU don’t know whether to boo or cheer.

  9. There seems to be a lot of chatter going on at the moment about the financial position of the US. There was this nice little comment from our esteemed Treasurer on the weekend:


    Oh gee, could our Treasurer possibly be worried about something. And can someone please remind me how the Asian currency crisis, circa 1997 came about?… George Soros, seems to have played a big part. I guess the Asian’s have learned how to protect their currencies and now have enough reserves to start playing around with other peoples money. Payback is a b#*%.

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