Out with the new

I’ve gone back to one of the old layouts. So far, I’ve picked up a strong preference for a serif font, which I share, and mixed feelings on the rest of the design, including the mugshot. So please comment away, and I’ll consider a redesign when I’ve digested it all.

20 thoughts on “Out with the new

  1. I always liked the design this one is based on better than the one that was just replaced… But with this one, the background border isn’t lining up with the sidebar. This comment textbox is also way too wide.

  2. the beard is very tidy in the mugshot and not quite as the Ned Kelly of economics should look.

  3. For what it’s worth, I still object to the ‘filed under’ thingies (what is the technical term?) getting such prominence. The illogic of this is the first thing that strikes me when I open the page.

    This photo was always slightly less flattering than the previous one (i.e. from two years back), but that’s good: any hint of narcissism detracts from credibiity.

  4. I’d like new comments since my last visit to be clickable (presumably this would require a cookie).

  5. The only thing I miss is the candy-striping of the comments. Makes it easier to track which comment is from whom? (or who, I never know which)

  6. Stick with this layout John..It’s easy to read…As for the mugshot,I like it,though some may see it as a bit”Hezbollah” in appearance.

  7. 1) There is an error in the header of the single page view (when people comment).
    2) Serif is usually easier to read and san serif is better for presentations (slides overhead projector).
    3) The read in the header should be darker. It makes your face look pink (redneck Alabama like).
    4) Why are quotes in a large font than regular text?
    5) The color of visited links should not be so dramatically different from links that are not visited.
    6) One of the elder statesmen of the Oz blogosphere” – Age Media Blog
    (Alternative pictures here and here). Looks ugly in bold.
    7) Why are the sections starting from My other sites bulleted?
    8) Categories: Archives in different font (not consistent)
    9) Left hand table should be slightly larger. There are bad line breaks — jquiggin @/break/ 6:08 am (in any case you may want to remove that since we know who posted the post.)

  8. Glad to see the beardie picture back and the font changed. Now quit fiddling and start writing!

  9. I think the numbered comments are new. I like this as it makes cross-referencing of previous comments easier.

  10. Having grumbled mightily for years to no effect about too-small fonts on the WWW, possibly on this blog, certainly on others, I gave up and set my Firefox preferences so that the minimum font size is 14 pt and everything is in Verdana. So really, I have no idea what your new style is supposed to look like!

    Having said that, the body text looks surprisingly large to me (20 pt or so, quite a lot larger than my default) and block quotes are much smaller (probably 14 pt). I doubt that you intended this.

    But hey, whatever.

  11. (using firefox 2.0, screen res at 1680 x 1050) The top of the page is borked, the next and previous thread links are crushed up against your tagline.

    Also, everything is extreme left justified and looks a bit weird. I can’t see the edge of the comments box as I type.

    Could we please get some basic html buttons, like bold, itals, quote? Next to the submit comment button?

  12. I run Mac OS X (10.3.9) and Safari browser, with screen resolution at 1024 x 768.

    The main problems are with alignment. The comments box, and the horizontal line at the top and bottom of the page, all run over onto the blank grey background column to the right of the page. The bottom left-hand corner has a small grey square of background immediately below the ‘Submit Comment’ button that seems out of place. The whole page is hard up against the left margin

    The phrase “Commentary on Australian & world events from a social-democratic perspective” is used twice in very close proximity at the top of the page, and they are both a bit small to read easily.

    Otherwise, it all seems to function, is clearly laid out, and easy to use.

    Also appreciate the numbered comments, and for going serif, large blocks of sans-serif text are tiring to read.

  13. I’m running MAC OSX (10.3.9), same as seeker, except that I prefer Firefox ( at the moment) and agree with him/her on all points, particularly the last. Sans serifs are much easier to read on screen, particularly when the font-size itself is small.
    Firefox can’t find the left justification, too, placing everything slapup against the edge of the screen.
    Your photo has an unfortunate background – it looks to me as though the blue banner with the white surround from the webpage has been carried through behind your head. Prolly wouldn’t have been so unsettling if the line of the blackboard had been horizontal.
    As a rabid blogreader I agree with whoever it was that mentioned differentiating each comment with colour. If you didn’t like a coloured background behind the comment itself, maybe placing the comment heading in a coloured box would work.

  14. John,
    As a typographical rule of thumb, sans-serif fonts are easier to read on screen and should always be preferred (verdana is an excellent example, there are many many others). Serif fonts are really only for printed documents. That’s the way of the world. I don’t know anyone interested in how their system looks who doesn’t make there browser do everything in sans-serif fonts.

  15. Re #18 Apologies, seeker. I did not mean to offend. I merely lacked sufficient evidence to make an informed decision as to the choice of pronoun.
    Lesley de Voil, nearly urban grandma

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