The Stern review -first impressions

The Stern review report is big, and I haven’t had time to digest more than a little bit so far. One point to make is that the apocalyptic numbers that have dominated early reporting represent the worst-case outcomes for 2100 under business-as-usual policies. But even looking at the less dramatic cases, the same basic messages emerge.

  • We can stabilise CO2 levels over the next fifty years at very low costs of around 1 per cent of GDP.
  • The costs of doing nothing are large and unpredictable
  • The costs of stabilisation will be greater the longer we delay
  • Poor countries will be worst affected

More on all these points soon.

26 thoughts on “The Stern review -first impressions

  1. Terje which do you think of these that will have the biggest impact of the future lives of all Australians?

    Yes having a mandate on specific issues is a bit of a joke, I do like the US system of adding initiatives to a ballot.

    Otherwise just seek to introduce friends and neighbours to the lifestyle change, things like sharing items say an electric lawn mower, car pooling etc can all help.

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