Saddam dead. Hooray.

I was off the air when the news of Saddam’s execution came through. I’ve had my say about the trial (here and here) already, and all the issues have been chewed over by others, so for now I’ll just say that he got what he deserved.

79 thoughts on “Saddam dead. Hooray.

  1. “In Surls’ World the USA etc. never gave any support to the evil Saddam.”

    Well, I guess my comment will get deleted, but…I never said any such thing. You leftys seem to have a fundamental issue with just sticking to the facts.

    What I said is is that the story that the wicked Americans provided the Iraqis helicopters that were subsequently used to spray chemical agents on the Kurds at Halabja appears to be a bunch of hogwash.

    At least according to eyewitness reports gathered by those evil right wingers over at HRW.

  2. I second Jill Rush’s concern but then again, kids have a simpler cast if mind. Even tho, as on over-protective parent, I hid the front of the paper that day, I’m sure that if they’d seen it, they’d’ve just’ve thought: “the bogey-man is dead, hooray!”

  3. SATP: “For lefties backed the Russian Revolution, & were backing Stalin into the 1940’s (& indeed some are still). In fact every left wing takeover was supported by lefties” …….
    Poor SATP: he still doesn’t understand that one could consistently be a supporter of the Russian Revolution (because of the destruction caused Russian society by the Tasarist regime) and yet be a critic of Stalin (as in fact many leftists were).

    SATP: “I suggest a change of mind. Yesterday’s ally often becomes today’s abhorrent enemy.”
    How true. And yesterday’s enemy can become today’s friend (our old friend Stalin again, before and after the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany).

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