Akismet has been marking most incoming comments as spam. I’ve rescued a bunch of them, but no doubt not all. Apologies to people whose comments have been lost.

With luck, manual correction will fix the problem. If not, I may have to move to some sort of active verification scheme, a step I’ve always rejected.

If you post a comment and it doesn’t appear, please email me.

5 thoughts on “Spamcrash

  1. perhaps have a day or two trial of no spam filter – things have improved lately – the spammers have largely moved on to more fruitful activities I think

    pruning spam is less of a burden than worrying about people worrying about where their comments went, perhaps?

  2. Sad to say, Akismet is catching 300-odd spam messages per day, mostly from a single Italian spam operation.

  3. Brad deLong’s blog requires commenters to copy a difficult-to-read code from a display panel each time they send a comment. Though tiresome for the user, this strategy may be successful in thwarting spammers. Maybe you could ask Prof. deLong? I have sometimes wondered, as I struggled to decipher the code, whether it is all worth while!

  4. Even on my little blog I am getting about 100 spams a day so dealing with 300, particularly when you feel you should check them all, would not be easy. I would be comfortable registering to comment here, so go ahead. As gordon points out, the code methodology can be tricky to read.

  5. Mind you, at least one of them inserts some good jokes. I have been thinking about editing them to remove the spam content and posting the result to a new page. At least I would get something for the effort.

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