3 thoughts on “Joint subscription to Crikey

  1. Wow!What on earth is meant by”to capture network externalities”?????????
    Is there a way to say this in simple english,and not in jargon.?

  2. Sorry, Brian, it was an in-joke aimed at NG. It just restates, in econ jargon, the fact that if a group of people join, they will all benefit from a cheaper rate.

  3. Ah – but are you network externality takers also acting in such a way as to push people towards that? That is, does the effect in this case only make the rate cheaper as compared with non-participants, but not cheaper as compared with what non-participants would be getting if there were no takers for this deal?

    Think of how Byzantine subjects who moved into joint accomodation got “better” deals on paying their Kapnikon (the local variant of Hearth Tax). Savings in the difficulty of collecting the tax weren’t passed on as tax cuts – if anything, the rates rose over time as a result.

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