A close shave

The World’s Greatest Shave is coming up, and I’ve decided it’s time to put some skin in the game of appealing for charity. So, for the first time in 30 years, I’m going to shave my beard off. The big day is going to be Saturday 17 March. You can visit my profile here to sponsor me.

To encourage contributions, I’m offering an incentive. If I can raise $1000 from sponsorship, I’ll post a picture of the results here on the blog. Otherwise, you’ll just have to rely on your imagination. All proceeds go to the Leukemia Foundation.

Update 5pm Monday We’re already one-third of the way there, with contributions totalling $335:00. I’ll try to give regular updates

18 thoughts on “A close shave

  1. That depends on what is revealed when it comes off. But if my first target is oversubscribed, I might offer a promise to keep the beard off to encourage more donations.

  2. 17th March is St Patrick’s Day and you’ll be looking alot less like a leprachaun san beard. Not that you look like a leprachaun now, . . . Before and after photos please.

  3. This causes me a great sadness, I have had a beard for over fourty years and this causes stress to me to see one less, however it’s for a good cause, but I expect it back, OK…

  4. dsquared: It’s in Aus dollars, but feel free to donate the value of USD.

    Have donated. We want pictures, so come on, everybody!

  5. I’ve done my best to get you past the $1000 mark. I heard you on the radio a couple of weeks ago – not the voice I’d expected – so now I want to see the chin! It is interesting how one forms images of people based on a fragment of information and the reality usually turns out quite differently.

  6. There is something that reminds me of “The Chronicles of Narnia” here, John resolutely getting his beard shaved by Tim Blair and Janet Albrechtsen in front of a stone altar.

    Or maybe I have an over active imagination. Carry on.

  7. I’m a tight arse. That’s why I’m still in business. So I’ll at least match Robert at $30 bucks.

  8. You’ve got me in John. Best of luck, and for the sake of all the kids in the Westmead Children’s Hospital I hope you bust your limit of $1,000, several times over.

    I also think Catallaxy members should come here and donate, dammit! God, it’s not often you get to hoist a lefty on their own stubble.

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