Greatest shave part 2

With the skin incentive having raised $1000, it’s time to switch to money for the next round. If the total sponsorship reaches $2000 by midnight next Monday, I’ll put in $1000 of my own to match the extra donations. Bearing in mind that donations are tax-deductible, this is a great way to amplify your gifts, particularly for anyone facing high marginal tax rates (and since I hear complaints about this pretty regularly, there must be quite a few readers in this category). If you’re on the top marginal tax rates, and give $200, the government will give nearly $100 back, so you only pay about $100, while the Leukemia Foundation gets $400. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Of course, not everyone is on the top marginal tax rate, or flush with cash. Just give what you can afford here, or think about joining the Great Shave (colouring is a less drastic option) yourself.

One thought on “Greatest shave part 2

  1. […] But apparently the wind has gone out of the sails, so he’s asking for a bit more help. He will throw in $1000 of his own if the $2000 target is reached by Monday night. This means that every dollar you sacrifice yields four dollars for the Leukemia Foundation, as the Captain demonstrates in this elegant proof. […]

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