Past $3000

Thanks to a very generous donation of $620 from occasional reader Swarup, we passed the $2000 mark with a couple of days to spare. With my matching donation, and a bit more coming in, the total is now $3055.10. I’ve got some new ideas planned to reach the $5000 target, and any others are gratefully welcome.

As was noted in commens, most of the contributions so far seem to have come from social democrats. So to spread the love around, I thought I’d invite self-identified adherents of other viewpoints to pitch in, and offer a more direct incentive. Give me and make a note in comments that you’re doing so, identifying your philosophical position or political affiliation (libertarian, Howard-lover, neoconservative, radical left or whatever). The first group to reach a total of $250 gets a 500 word post from me, commending some aspect of your position,

To donate, just click here, or send me a cheque at the School of Economics, University of Queensland

10 thoughts on “Past $3000

  1. I do not have any particular ideology; though I would be probably considered vaguely left. Mathematics was a passion and I did not pay much attention to politics. But after seeing politicians like Bush, Blair and Howard, I felt that I could not ignore the outside world and started reading a bit and following blogs. Finding reliable charities is a bit of a problem and lot of the donations go to establishment costs and salaries. I have been contributing a bit to charities in India and wanted to find some reasonable ones in Australia ( Australia worked well for me. I think that I did my best work here after the age of 55). I read some of your writings like the ones on Stern report. Even though I did not understand them well I felt that you are a solid person and that something that you recommended is ok. If you are reaching your target, I will try to contribute a bit more.

  2. $250 and good on you John.
    Political affiliation? – wouldn’t know what it felt like unless one of the little suckers bit me on the a*se.
    So turning to a philosophical view of things can I support gaddeswarup and ask for a shout out from you to those who love mathematics and learning above politix?

  3. Agreed! But I’m still keen to attract money from the political types, so I’ll leave that offer open as well.

  4. Nice idea Prof Q. I never thought i’d be barracking for the NeoCons but now I’d like to see them get up just so I can hear your positive spin on them.

    I just put my donation in ($25- I’m a poor student) and now I’m trying to figure out where I stand.

    For arguments sake lets say I’m an ethical capitalist which might make me ummm, a proponent of the Third Way?

    But really, I’m a little from column A and a little from column B…

  5. PrQ,
    I would, but my boss is already doing the shave and I have agreed to contribute (probably too much) there. May be I will look again at my budget for the year.

  6. Speaking of daring to bare for good causes, the Brisbane leg of the World Naked Bike Ride seemed to pass without incident this afternoon. No media of course, but plenty of police were apparent. I watched the cyclists ride by at Auchenflower and thankfully didn’t see anyone bundled in to one of those new, sinister looking esky utes.

  7. […] to be a man of mark. Not only will he shave his beard and whiskers off: he pledges to write posts promoting right wing themes of the sponsor’s choice, in exchange for donations to the Greatest Shave drive. Andrew […]

  8. $250 for 500 words arguing that, whatever the cause of global warming, the only rational response for Australia is to apply resources to adaptation and no resources to mitigation.
    If taken up just email me direct to tell me how to pay-up.

  9. I’ll meet you halfway and write 250 words on the necessity of adaptation in return for $125 from you.

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