Past $4000!

With libertarians stepping forward, the total raised in the Great Shave Appeal has now passed $4000. How about a similar effort from Howard fans? Despite the latest polls, there must be a fair number of you out there. Wouldn’t you like to read 500 words of crisp pro-Howard prose – $250 is all it takes.

Any ideas on more gimmicks gratefully received. Meanwhile you might like to discuss this piece by James Joyner asking why we go for gimmicks to raise money for charity.

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11 thoughts on “Past $4000!

  1. Gimmicks arguably span the gamut from a simple sticker through shaving various body parts to JQ’s pledge to write at least somewhat in support of doctrines to which he is normally antithetical.

    In all cases it makes the donation seem more like a purchase; you’re offering the donor immediate value for money, rather than the nebulous value associated with donating to a good cause.

  2. “Wouldn’t you like to read 500 words of crisp pro-Howard prose”

    My bet is you have 500 and many more positive words to say about Howard sitting idle (after all, in 11 years of government there must be something he’s done right) and you just haven’t written them before because it would go against the grain/readership/gag reflex. Am I right?

  3. My cheque is in the mail. Yes, I know that’s what they all say. And yes, I’m a luddite – I still use them because I don’t trust myself with a credit card in a world which also contains ebay and

  4. I get to read so much stuff of yours I agree with, Prof Q, that this particular gimmick didn’t work. I have however donated what I could afford given all the milestone birthdays in my family this year 🙂

  5. Shouldn’t that be “Passed $4000”?

    I have passed muster in the past.

    passed = past participle of the verb “to pass”
    past = anytime before now

    Hence, “Passed $4000” because you have passed the figure by on the way to infinite riches for leaukaemia research?

  6. Actually, come to think of it, you can use “past” in the sense of “beyond”, so that it becomes synonymous with “beyond $4000”.

    Nevermind me, I’m just getting myself right confused.

    Carry on and I promise I’ll only comment from now on when I have something of worth to say.

  7. Some one may have already said it John but if you are willing to write anti global warming prose there is an organisation that is willing to donate $10,000 US dollars.

  8. Crooked Timber has a very interesting discussion about giving and reciprocity. But here, it seems, we all just want to see JQ shave his beard and write some things he doesn’t believe in. I’m fairly sure that it’s not for the ostensible cause (which is just one among many to which we could give money). So what is it? We love John (nah! unAustralian). We appreciate the space in which we discuss things that are important to us, so we’re reciprocating? Or we’re really only sadists who want to see the chin/exult in the torture (and spread it all over the internets “even John Quiggin said…”), so we pay the money?

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