27 thoughts on “And here’s the result!

  1. It’s a good look, John. Like Megan says, it makes you look ten years younger. Keep it off!

    Of course, for next year’s fund raiser you’d have to shave your head, but that’s another story.

    Again, well done.

  2. I see that the beard had become more ‘distinguished’ than in your banner. The goatee looks very cosmopolitan and the clean shave looks… well, like an economist! Good choice to have!

  3. don’t worry about the jowl-ly look John, it will soon disappear with a lot of sensational hand massaging…as in the senses that is. In that vein, stay away from the mirror for a bit.

  4. I don’t see a downside…Well Done!!!

    Anyone else detect a passing resemblence in our hirsute host to the original BlindFreddy?

    “..Sir Frederick William Pottinger, (was) officer in charge of the Lachlan district during the reign of the bushranger Ben Hall. The convict’s success in eluding capture scored Pottinger the nickname “Blind Freddy” among his peers and journalists of the day.”

    Images at:

  5. You look older, or at least more boring.

    Well done on the sacrifice for charity. Now skip your 4pm shave and put it back.

  6. re your flickr fots….who’d have thought there were two such spunks hiding under all that fur?! fantastic job of fundraising, John.

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