9 thoughts on “Monday message board

  1. One final postcript on Ian Campbell, he was the minister who introduced the disastrous financial services regulation -FSRA, which caused home insurance brokers to have to send 200 page ‘disclosure statements’ to pensioner clients for $150 policies, and caused an estimated 100m damage to Australian Business.
    Its a mark of how trivial our media/political discussion is that this isn’t mentioned at all where he’s concerned.

  2. Can’t recall the commenter (some Belmont Club post) but he/she reckoned we need to compile a checklist to know for sure that Global Warming is upon us. From recall-
    1. The price of coastal real estate falls.
    2. Concerned politicians and movie stars(Al Gore?) suddenly stop using jet aircraft.
    3. Global warming enthusiasts actually endorse a policy position they haven’t previously held (Peter Garrett suddenly backs nuclear power?)
    4. Nancy Pelosi calls upon George Bush to abandon rebuilding New Orleans and begin bussing all the inhabitants to higher ground permanently(sorry I couldn’t resist..)
    5. ………

  3. Lefties could have some poignant ones too like-
    X. John Howard pulls all the troops out of everywhere and hands over to Peter Costello, admitting they always had a deal and asks if Blanche d Apulget has a younger sister.

  4. 98. Bill Clinton calls a press conference to announce he did have sex with THAT woman and what’s more he’s going to again.
    99. ASIO assures Janette they’ve given her Bill’s correct mobile number, but perhaps she might like to try Osamas.
    100. Osama appears on Al Jazeera complete with fag, beer and pork rind, denouncing Sharia and all sack fashion and declares he’s more than happy to fly to George’s ranch for reconciliation knees up. Wants to know if his Qantas frequent flyer points are still valid and is it really true what they say about those Qantas hosties.

  5. To concentrate on the serious here for a moment, have you spotted the serious paradox in ‘our’ attitude to GW? OTOH polls are telling us that a majority are Al Gore disciples, more or less, yet that belief has not had any impact whatsoever on climbing coastal property prices. The market and the polls seem at loggerheads, but why?

  6. Observa, markets are imperfect. And looking at a 2m sea level rise (the highest reasonable forecast for this century) it’s mostly the gold coast – no great loss.

  7. In my view, the David Hicks process has been so contemptible that if it were possible iit would have lowered my opinion of the USA even further. I refer to that aggregate entity, not all Americans – the whole is different from the sum of the parts.

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