I’m implementing a registration requirement for comments. I’m hoping this will help to kill off spam, and also help me in troll control. Please tell me if you find this requirement too burdensome, and I’ll try to find another way around all this.

5 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Your site is very slow. I can access the site very quickly, but it takes forever to retrieve a page.

    It’s probably a mysql thing. Many hosting services limit the number of mysql queries database can service in an hour.

  2. Works easily, but discourages casual commenters. This in turn will over time restrict the number of new commenters you have appearing. Its those casual comments that eventually become core members of a blogs community.

    Install something like bad behavior, and then just ban the IP addresses of people you don’t want accessing the website. It’s just as effective as banning logins, which can be re-registered just as easily as a new IP address can be obtained.

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