Red State

Now that I’ve got the upper hand (for the moment) in the endless struggle with spam, I’ve had time to experiment a bit with layout and so on. I’ve moved back from a blue to a red theme, but I’ve also added a widget in the sidebar that lets you pick your own theme if you prefer something more restful. As always, comments and suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

12 thoughts on “Red State

  1. Hi John,

    I like the new red look, although I do tend to lean towards cool blues and greens more generally as pleasant on the eye when reading on the computer.

    I know this isn’t a Monday Message Board, but as I missed that opportunity, hope you won’t mind me using this space for a request.

    I was reading your recent post on economists lining up to call for action on climate change, and of course we’re all sitting watching the personal hip-pocket approach to climate change politics by Rudd and now no doubt Costello tonight in the budget. Are you aware that the Australian Greens just released a blueprint for Australia vis climate change & peak oil concerns? One of the major criticisms it that it’s not costed, and as you’re an economist, wondered if you’d care to do a post on it.

    I get frustrated that there are 3 minor parties at least who will probably decided the fate of how Australia responds to climate change, given the situation in the Senate and the coming election, and yet there is no serious coverage of the Greens, the Democrats or Family First.

    You can find the Greens blueprint here –

  2. My experience is once an experiment is made with the layout/theme there is no going back.

  3. I like the theme. The layout is nicer than those you’ve used in the past (as far as I recall). The red colour is a little odd, but distinctive.

    I tried switching back to WordPress Classic and now there is no theme switcher in the sidebar! I’m stuck, help! (I guess this is what wmmbb was saying, but it didn’t sink in until too late.)

  4. I miss the Ned Kelly look, but I guess that means you’ve left the beard off. And red is better – though it may confuse Americans.

  5. I’ve temporarily disabled the theme switcher. Because it’s a widget it doesn’t work if you switch to a theme that is not widget-ready. If you’re in this state, I think the best thing is to delete the cookie from my site, which should bring you back to default.

  6. When I get a moment, I’ll remove the old themes, and confine the choice to widget-ready versions (this entails F*T*P and my F*T*P client is broken just now).

  7. BTW, it turns out that my comments blacklist includes F1le Transfer Protocol and its acronym. Maybe some sort of security measure?

  8. Terje,
    Red is the colour of revolution, not socialism, although the two are normally (and incorrectly) conflated. I thought that, as our good host has made clear previously he is a Burkean conservative, blue was a good choice.
    [Sigh] Looks like we will have to put up with red.

  9. “I think the best thing is to delete the cookie from my site, which should bring you back to default.”

    Thanks, mate.

  10. How can a colour and a cause be incorrectly conflated? I can see how they can be conflated and I observe that they frequently are, but not how it can ever be incorrect.

    I seem to recall John Quiggin discussing some time ago how beards are conflated with causes. Where once they were conflated with victorian values today they are more likely to be conflated with left-wing green politics. I don’t see how either was incorrect.

    Red is widely conflated with socialism, communism and the left. The old reference to the Australian Greens being watermelons is based on exactly this notion. That their enviromentist exterior merely conceals a socialist interior. If the reference merely referred to the notion that they are enviromental revolutionaries it would not be much of a reference.

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