10 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Ah,the Festival Hall,sadly missed. I can’t remember, nor can I make out from the picture, what the building formerly known as the Bavarian Steak House, now Pane e Vino/Gilhooley’s was then. :-[

  2. Nonetheless my hobby farmer’s instinct says we will not get the Biblical deluge needed to peg back water restrictions across Australia. These downpours run off quickly without soaking into the soil for slow release later. This is why I think Howard’s climate prevarication (now it’s ‘pledge and review’) is a miscalculation that will backfire if we face even higher level restrictions by summer.

  3. Hermit

    There is no conclusive evidence that this drought has anything to do with global warming/climate change.

    Making this spurious link runs the danger that when the drought breaks, everyone will relax and forget about climate change as an important issue.

  4. The bizarre disconnect between what the media perceive as reality and yer actual actualite was well exemplified by last night’s Channel 9 Brisbane news being broadcast from Wivenhoe dam. We’ve had less than 3 inches of rain after a record-breaking drought. Any person who’d ever turned a sod in the back garden could tell you that 3 inches is just going to moisten the top foot of dessicated top soil, and that runoff will be next to nothing. What on earth were they expecting at 9? Noah’s ark to float by?

  5. Ian Gould – straining my eyes, I think I can make out “Chandlers Pty Ltd” over the entrance-way. Might this have been the corporate HQ for the appliance retailer, perhaps?

  6. Mark
    the GW/water restrictions link may be spurious but in the public’s mind the politics is this;
    if the rains don’t come, Howard isn’t doing enough
    if the rains do come, Howard has(again)got it right

  7. Hal,

    I think Chandler’s HQ was in Adelaide Street where JB Hi-Fi now is.


    The recent is actually almost ideal for minimising run-off and evaporation – low winds; cool weather and a week of sporadic light rain to soften up the soil before the major downfall.

    I agree it won’t end the drought by itself but it’ll do much more to restore groundflow and environmental flows than the same rain would in a single summer storm.

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