10 thoughts on “Watch the watch

  1. What do you see happening?

    I see an adoring crowd thanking the President for leading a nation that still believes in fundamental principles of liberty.

    BTW, the footage I saw on US TV last night clearly shows the President removing the watch himself. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

  2. “I see an adoring crowd thanking the President for leading a nation that still believes in fundamental principles of liberty.”

    Mugwump, that’s much funnier than the idea of POTUS having his watch stolen in broad daylight.

  3. Or do you intend a subtle allusion to the fact that, because of their belief in liberty, most Americans don’t support Bush?

  4. I noticed the watch disappearing the first time I came across a shorter version of this footage. However having now watched the longer version (thanks) the open adulation that the crowd shows to President Bush is the most notable feature.

    Having once had my watch pinched by a magician (who later handed it back to me inside a balloon animal before I even noticied it was gone) I don’t regard the theft of a watch in broad daylight as a particularily amazing thing. Although it is amusing.

    Now tell me how do you get a crowd to love you like that? That is a really neat trick.

  5. I guess kosovo is the one muslim nation that is actually grateful to the US polity for having been liberated and democratised by the US military. And that has not used its new found liberty to settle old scores or descend into sectarian anarchy.

    No prizes for guessing why.

    It must be nice for Bush to see a good deed go unpunished, for a change.

  6. I meant what jstrocch said.

    Most Americans that would otherwise support Bush (ie Republicans) don’t because Iraq has turned out to be a really bad idea. I dare say they still identify with Bush on principles of liberty.

    On liberty: I note that “detention without charge” of US residents has just received a smackdown by the Federal Courts, which is one of the violations of liberty instituted by Bush that I disagree with.

    However, it is very easy to be an armchair critic when you’re not the one charged with preventing a second 9/11…

  7. Of course, Kosovo was on Clinton’s watch, and he got lukewarm support or outright opposition from the Republicans, Bush being in the centre of that range IIRC.

  8. I do not recall any comments made by Bush on Kosovo. Regardless, he was nowhere near Washington at the time.

    Chomsky also opposed NATO’s intervention in Kosovo. Does that make the opposing Republicans left-wing conspiracy nuts?

    On a general note, defining politicians by their opinions voiced from political opposition is a very weak argument, since “oppose” is a large part of what opposition governments do (much as I dislike it).

    Much more relevant is what the Republicans would have done had they occupied the White House and controlled the Senate at the time. I suspect they would have behaved similarly to Clinton (except possibly for getting his hood shined in the Oval office).

  9. Well I don’t think they would have kept a lid on government spending, it typically takes more centrist parties to balance budgets, right-wingers love big government, as history has proved.

    It must be nice mugwump that you can avoid all criticism of the republicans in the 90s because they weren’t in power. Except for their control of Congress and all that.

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