Women in Art

I once doubted that user-produced video would amount to much. This beautiful montage is one of many on YouTube that prove me wrong. (Via Jeff Weintraub, via Norm Geras)

On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether I can make the necessary code work. In the meantime, go here

6 thoughts on “Women in Art

  1. Hmm, the video appears to be of Bush possibly getting his watch stolen. Perhaps you mean this video?

  2. Can you imagine how long it took to produce this little clip? Someone would have had to locate a digital copy of each piece of art (if it wasn’t already in some sort of digital library), crop and scale them to position the head in approximately the same position, and then order them for the morphing software to do the work.

  3. No Terje that one was not beyond a Year 12 class about 10 years ago : Quigger’s one is quite nice tho I would have liked it to involve more flashy tranformations ( rather than simple morphing) perhaps Terry Gilliam style. ( ct out figure in a landscape) This might be in conflict with the ” high art” aims of the work. Where was Picasso ?

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