Last charitable appeal for 2006-07

As the end of the financial year is approaching, it’s a great time to give charitable donations. I’ve used up all the gimmicks I could think of for the Great Australian Shave appeal, so this is going to be a bog-standard fundraiser. I’m giving $500 to Oxfam as my last donation for 2006-07. Anyone who would like to be part of a collective effort can announce their donation in comments, or (if you’re modest) in email to me. I’ll post a running total until 30 June. Give to whatever charity you choose, and whatever amount you can manage.

6 thoughts on “Last charitable appeal for 2006-07

  1. The government does its share with a tax deduction, so if you want to starve the beast, here’s a chance!

  2. What would be really cool would be if every dollar that we donated to charity reduced our tax bill by a full dollar. There are many causes far more worthy than the expansion of government.

    However “starve the beast” is a stupid metaphor. It presumes that the point of tax cuts should be to ruin government. The point of tax cuts should be to improve the private sector, civil society and personal liberty. Tax cuts are a constructive measure and casting them in such a negative light is counter productive. Of course the “starve the beast” crowd are making a pejorative reference to government that is not entirely misplaced.

    During the last 11 years whilst Howard has been in government we could (given political support) have retained a fixed level of real per capita federal government spending and still have nearly abolished much of personal income tax. Instead they spent more and more of our money, just like the other mob before them.

    Anyway I shouldn’t go on about this in a thread encouraging people to be charitable so I’ll now endeavour to stop. I enjoy your charity appeals.

  3. I gave $100 to Oxfam’s mid-year appeal attributing John Quiggin’s blog as the reason for donation.

    I’ve been thinking about Brendan Keilar who sacrificed his life in Melbourne yesterday. It sparked a variety of thoughts.

  4. I’m a regular Oxfam donor. I’d rather not be. I would prefer to pay more tax to support a higher Federal Govt overseas aid budget, but in the absence of that, I’m taxing myself and encouraging others to do the same. As is Mr Quiggin. Happy new financial year.

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