14 thoughts on “Horde

  1. JQ, if you start picking on the grammatical and spelling errors in our media, you’ll be on a never-ending treadmill. 20 or 30 years ago I used to correct that kind of thing in student assignments. About 15 years ago I did it to a trainee school teacher who appealed her mark on the grounds that spelling and grammar were totally unimportant (according to her lecturers in education). Now I’m more interested in saving my time!

  2. i could claim to be too s’ophisticated for you lot, but in the interest of fair play will raise both hands and beg for mercy.

  3. One might ponder whether this article defines itself in such a way as to potentially violate point 2 of the sites discussion policy;

    Comments that seek to score debating points at the expense of others (snarks) are discouraged;


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