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It’s time, once again for the Monday Message Board. As usual, civilised discussion and absolutely no coarse language, please. Feel free to add your thoughts, loya or otherwise, on the Queens Birthday.

9 thoughts on “Monday message board

  1. AFL footy pundits shouldn’t have overlooked the opportunity to rank team performances after the end of round 15, when all the teams had played each other once. The truer/finer measure of performance was their percentages after each had played each. Teams had their good days and bad days, wet and dry games, injuries, purple patches and slumps and won and lost some games by a kick or so, but their percentage can’t disguise their true overall standing. Here’s their rankings and percentages after round 15

    Geel 152%
    Haw 117%
    Syd, Adel 114%
    WC 107%
    Port, Coll 105%
    Bull 102%
    Kang, Freo 101%
    Ess 97%
    Lions 96%
    Saints 92%
    Melb 79%
    Carl, Rich 77%

    There’s no hiding Geelong’s standout performance and quite a gap to the next three in the teens, with another bunch of 6 in 101-107% range. Gloomy days if you’re under the break even point. Interestingly Freo and the Kangas are ranked evenly, but their fans know only too well the frustration and exaltation behind their respective premiership points standings. If you’re picking winners and ultimately finals winners at the end of the year you need to bear these comparative rankings quietly in mind. Plenty of room for upsets of course, but some familiar faces are lining up for the presumed right to face Geelong in the GF. Perhaps with a realtively young team and a long season beginning to tell, Hawthorn is the suspect one among them.

  2. I disagree,

    I don’t think that “gone” covers it. I think something more like fritzed, toasted, or blown away, would be more appropriate. Why? well gone is just got on the bus and left. I want to know that there is pain involved.

  3. It now seems that Margaret Whitlam may have had a point about Janet and John holding hands in public. Judging by the revelations coming from the new book John holds Janets hand so that he knows that she has not wondered off to talk to any journalists or authors.

  4. Belarus on Track to Export Bio-Ethanol Fuel to EU

    Belarus will begin exporting fuel ethanol to the EU within a few years. A decision of the Council of Ministers of Belarus confirmed full support for the joint venture between Ireland’s Greenfield Project Management Ltd. and Belarus’ Belbiopharm pharmaceutical concern to produce ethanol fuel for export. Following on the Council of Ministers decision, officials of both companies met government ministers in Minsk to discuss implementation of the joint venture.
    The meeting resulted in several decisions. Greenfield Belarus was assured of a secure annual supply of 500,000 tons of grain for the project and that more land would be made available to the joint venture to grow further biomass. Prices for by-products suitable for animal feedstuff will be agreed and all output purchased locally, and logistics arrangements for inputs and outputs will be implemented by the state in time for the start of production.

    Greenfield will build two advanced distilling plants to extract ethanol from cultivated biomass, in partnership with the state holding company. The plants will together yield between 650,000 cubic meters (m3) of bio-ethanol annually. The larger will be located at Mozyr, producing 500,000 m3 per year, while another at Bobruisk will yield about 150,000 m3. This amounts to a total of 650 million litres annually.

    The enterprises will be launched in eighteen to twenty-four months. Greenfield will invest €200 million in the facilities, backed by financial partner ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO recently signed a comprehensive Framework Agreement with the government of Belarus covering the energy sector.

    The Dublin-based company holds an 80 percent stake in the joint venture, while Belbiopharm retains a 20 percent share. Construction will begin early in 2008. The Greenfield group plans more bio-ethanol plants in Belarus as part of an ambitious programme to ensure that the European Union can meet its needs for biofuels between now and 2020.

    Grain will be used as the raw material for production of ethanol fuel. Belarusian grain, mainly from regions affected by the Chernobyl disaster, will account for at least 30 percent of the 1.5 million tonnes which will be needed annually.

  5. Belarus?

    Well anything to diversify fuel sources away from repressive, politically unstable countries, I guess.

  6. Love him or hate him, John Howard has proven himself to be one of the greatest politicians in Australian history.

    Writing him off is usually a mistake but I suspect that he has finally run his race. Polls I’ve seen suggest most Australians are (rightly) suspicious of his Aboriginal health initiative. That and the debacle surrounding the case against Haneef, may have been the last straws.

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