6 thoughts on “Monday message board

  1. are people who can’t afford houses going to subsidize those who can?

    the political activity of australia is a tangled mess, inefficient, immoral, often corrupt. this is the natural result of parliamentary politics.

    it could be worse, we are not zimbabwe as yet, nor russia.

    but we’re drifting in that direction, not towards democracy.

  2. Re the subprime mess in the US, I’m surprised that US home loan borrowers are under such financial difficulties, while Australian borrowers seem to be coping. I seem to recall seeing data indicating that housing affordability in Australia was among the lowest in the world, and certainly lower than the US. Am I right to think that Australian borrowers are coping better than the Americans, and does anyone find this surprising?

  3. The Coalition are in desperate need for a “Continuity Director”, because they just do not seem to be able to keep their story consistent.

    Andrews is trying to save his bacon by talking up the “protecting the public” angle. So by hounding the hell out of one poor little Indian guy over his handling of a 5 cent sized Simm Card Andrews is protecting Australia, we are to believe, from massive loss of life and property. And this is of paramount importance.

    For comparison the Coalition are protecting Australian life and property from the ravages of Global Warming by talking about getting around to plan to do something 20 years from now.

    It is vaguely possible that some nutter will blow something up sometime in the future and may injure a handfull of people in the process. If thousands of scientists are to be believed it is absolutely certain that in the near future huge chunks of land will become unfarmable, it will become so hot in the summer that every thing not hosed down will burn (with certain loss of life), and coastal property will be inundated by rising seas.

    The Coalition have a credibility gap that is widening by the day!

  4. Andrews says that his critics are soft on terrorism. So that means that falsifying evidence, lying in court, deliberately delaying due process, leaking sensitive information and using innocent non citizens for political gain is not being soft on terrorism,… and that is good.

    I guess that I am one big softy.

  5. Protest Friday to save save local government at Brisbane’s Southbank

    Show your opposition to the Beattie Govenment’s bid to trample the rights of local communities at the behest of its property developer and land speculator backers.

    Where: Brisbane’s Southbank Parklands
    When: 10:30AM, Friday 3 August

    For further information visit:


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