Sensible federalism vs aspirational nationalism

I’ve been thoroughly underwhelmed by the undeclared election campaign over the last couple of months. Labor has been moving towards the kind of small target strategy that performed so well in 2001. Meanwhile, Howard’s complete conversion to pork-barrel politics has now acquired the label “aspirational nationalism”, which is appropriate enough given that the term “aspirational” appears to mean “a shallow person with no ethical values who splashes money about without any clear sense of priorities”.

So I’m pleased to see Rudd taking a step back towards sensible policy with his proposal for a complete Federal takeover of the public hospital sector to be implemented if co-operative Federalism fails to produce an agreed national reform plan. Unlike Howard’s various ad hoc grabs for power, this would actually lead to a more sensible alignment of political power and responsibilty.

26 thoughts on “Sensible federalism vs aspirational nationalism

  1. No Peter, I have known, ever since Mr Whitlam created free university education to help my middle-class mates and I get even more quickly/cheaply to the top, that Labor had nothing to do with the “workers”. Even less to do with all things “non-material”.

    My spray was squarely aimed at those who DO think labor are the “good guys”, vastly different to the Libs (didn’t you notice me mocking the wealth obsessions/pretensions of Hawke and Keating?) and at those who snobbishly denounce the “aspirational voter” Can’t see where we disagree, really. Except….

    I suspect that quite a bit of the “big end” IS talking to federal Labor. Surely Mr Rudd’s missus isn’t STILL holding the strip-joint against him? Aren’t all the former ALP Ministers (and Prime Ministers) talking to them? Isn’t John Singleton still Labor through and through? Check out who’s been threatening to remove Malcolm Turnbull from his seat, this past week (or isnt a member of the Telstra board BIG enough, for ya?) and then give it a bit more thought. Cheers.

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