Breaking the drought

After 44 years, Geelong has finally won a Grand Final, and in stunning fashion with the largest margin ever in a grand final. Having followed them for 40 of those years, before changing religion as a symbol of commitment to my move to Brisbane, I was really glad to see this, even though it was too late for me to be part of it.

I did feel sorry for the Port players though. Usually, playing a Grand Final, even on the losing side, is a big positive achievement. And usually, after a crushing defeat, you can give the winners a quick handshake and head for the dressing room, before dealing with your sorrows in whatever mode you might feel appropriate. But the losing side in a Grand Final has to stay on the field for a seemingly endless series of ceremonies. The victorious captain and coach did their best to be gracious (unlike some previous incidents) but the Port players looked as if they would rather be anywhere else.

The other negative feature was the barrage of Liberal Party advertising, for which we all paid, (not only for the ads themselves and the TV time, but for the public employees who appeared on behalf of the Coalition. Having a real election campaign clashing with the football finals would be mildly annoying, but this is far worse.

12 thoughts on “Breaking the drought

  1. I’m a Port man and being on the end of 44 years of frustration today was not much fun. However, you need to bear in mind Port was representing the best of the rest today and most other fans should have been quietly thinking- lucky it’s not us. Port were not that bad and tackled hard and tried their best but ended up chasing guernseys. Simply put, Geelong were awesome. The way so many of them still squeezed the ball out to a team-mate while being tackled, or anticipated and swooped on a Port handball, was breathtaking. 9 all Australians and hence that record margin and how good will some of their young stars be as they bulk up like a Chapman? Make no mistake, this side can be better than Brisbane(they were today) and I have a feeling it has not finished with breaking that premiership drought yet. I don’t say that lightly, knowing the vagaries of sport and how a season’s a long time in sport nowadays.

  2. 119 points? Thank God I didn’t watch it then. I think there is no greater anti-life experience that watching a team you don’t care for absolutely flogging the daylights out of another team you don’t care about either.

    No doubt the same sorry experience will occur tomorrow and I will be equally well-advised to avoid it.

  3. Well more fool you then zebbidies, because today you missed the best exhibition of AFL GF skills ever, as that record winning margin attests. Geelong could only play against the second best team, the competion had to throw at them, albeit perhaps Collingwood and WC might have been as worthy whipping boys for them today.

  4. Observa

    If I had had the opportunity of watching Collingwood being flogged, I would have been glued to my screen. As I said earlier, I couldn’t be arsed to get interested in Geelong and Port A.

    I apologize for not being the type of football purist who watches a game to admire the quality of the drop-punts and the running play. I like pizazz and walk-overs don’t light my fire…unless, of course, Collingwood is the team being rolled over : )

  5. When discussing who should get the Norm Smith at the end of the game, I commented one of the Burgoynes should probably get it for the losing team, given the difficulty of deciding which of the 22 Geelong players deserved it more amongst the winners and I wasn’t joking.

  6. Congratualtions to Geelong. Since 1963 was the year I was born, I have a visceral understanding of just how bloody old that is. If only I could restart the clock as easily.

  7. Announcer Peter Goers, (a Port supporter) on ABC Radio the other night, trying to enlighten his arty guest about the significance of the upcoming clash for Geelong since they hadn’t won since 1963 and his guest said something like- ‘Heavens! Kennedy was still alive then and I’m not even thinking about Graham’ It’s obvious now, Pete shouldn’t have cracked up so much.

  8. Mrs O and I had 2 tickets for the GF, (got through again to Ticketmaster with our members barcodes first thing Tues morning and I’m not divulging how ever), but we’re flying out for MissO’s nationals tomorrow. We were contemplating driving over to Ballarat yesterday arvo and driving straight back from the game to catch the plane, when the lad rang to say he’d be flying in this morning. He’s been OS for a year global warming and spending his hard earned on wine, women and song and wasting the rest, so we figured the planets weren’t exactly aligned for this one. So we onsold the tickets to a couple of Port tragics, via a friend who said they were in tears at getting tickets (they couldn’t afford the scalpers and club packages) So at half time at a barbie with some fruit tingles fans I commented we were gone, even if we could manage to match them goal for goal in the 2nd half and that didn’t look likely. Three Cats goals in quick succession and the mate said- Ah well at least you sold your tickets, whereupon I turned to the strife and said- You did get the money for the tickets before they left didn’t you? Thankfully yes the more things transpired. I just hope they don’t take it to Consumer Affairs.

  9. Very good luck for you. Who says the ancient gods are dead? Mammon seems to be looking out for you very well. I hope you sacrificed something to him. Or perhaps, being at an Aussie BBQ, the burnt offerings sufficed.

  10. I don’t quite get how anyone is able to change teams just because they’ve changed cities.

    I’m still feeling slightly wrong about changing teams when I was ten.

  11. In Brisbane it is very hard to come by any media, tv, radio and print which covers an interstate afl team. But lots of info on Brisbane. How can you support what you know little about?

    I was brainwashed to support collingwood and when I was ten it was peer pressure that made me change to essendon.

  12. Wilful, the whole point of my change was that it wasn’t easy, and hence that coming to Brisbane was more than just another move. That’s why I called the post “Change of religion”.

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