In hopes of improving the site’s woeful performance, I’ve made a few changes, including upgrading to WordPress 2.3. I also changed back to the red theme I had a while back. Most significantly, I’ve removed login requirements. I’m hoping that I’ve been inaccessible to spammers long enough to have reduced the flow to a level Akismet can handle. Please advise if problems with loading the page are better, worse or (most likely, I guess) unchanged.

Update 2/10/07 9pm After some ups and downs it looks as if things are working better. Please comment and advise either way

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. It seems better now. Earlier if I moved to another site (with Safari), I could not come back to this site without closing the laptop and starting again, but now I am able to come back without any problem.

  2. I have been clicking on links in this site like crazy for a few minutes and haven’t been to get the “white screen of death” yet. I’ll let you know if I do get it.

  3. For some reason, changing the “Text size” under Internet Explorer’s “View” menu has no effect on this site. It comes through to my screen in about 9 point and is thus quite hard to read.

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