BrisScience on Water (reminder)

The BrisScience lecture series is on again (Monday 15th at City Hall, 6:30 pm), and both the topic and speaker are closer to home than usual. The topic is Water in South East Queensland. The speaker, Professor Paul Greenfield, is about to become Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland.

More details here and over the fold

South east Queensland is currently suffering from its worst drought in the last century. In addition, its population has increased dramatically over the last 20 years and this trend looks like continuing. Part of the reason for the increased growth lies in the quality of the SEQ lifestyle, which in turn reflects the quality of SEQ’s environment, in particular the aquatic environment.

The talk will argue that, in going forward, we need to look at alternative water supplies, we need to remember that rivers need water flowing in them if they are to remain healthy and that we must manage our demands for water. The talk will aim to convey an understanding of our river and bay environments, where we might find our water supplies of the future and what this means for water treatment and on the links between water demand and the quality of our aquatic environments.

Title: Water in South East Queensland: Where does it come from? Where does it go? What can I do with it?
Speaker: Professor Paul Greenfield AO, FTSE
Date: 15 October 2007
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm (Doors open at 6pm)
Venue: Ithaca Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall
Refreshments: There will be complimentary drinks and nibblies following the talk, and Professor Greenfield will be available to answer any questions.
Questions? Contact Joel (0411 267 044 or or Nelle (

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