Dead cats

The government got its bounce last week, but it looks to have been of the dead cat variety, with the latest Newspoll (taken before the debate) showing Labor ahead 58-42 on 2PP. Of course, the usual warnings about margin of error apply to both this poll and the previous one. There’s nothing to suggest, with any certainty, that there has been any movement away from the average of 56-44 that’s prevailed all year.

The big problem is the perception that the government has fired off all its big guns and achieved nothing. We’re already seeing backdowns on a bunch of issues (Turnbull on nuclear power for example), but they’ll need more than this, or another bounce, to stave off the view that disaster is inevitable. it might not be too late for Howard to pull back a few points by ratifying Kyoto, but he needs to do something quickly.

53 thoughts on “Dead cats

  1. The latest polls show the 2PP margin has narrowed to 54/46.

    As I keep writing this election should be a foregone conclusion, however the insidious effect of corporate newsmedia should not be underestimated.

    Murdoch’s Auatralian and the Courier Mail are masterfully coming up with every possible spin in order to make the prospect of Howard’s re-election less unpalatable. The article of last Friday “Howard to face nation of workers” is yet another example.

    This story restated yet again one of the supposed major selling points of the Howard Government, that is that Australia has historically low unemployment (without regard to the fact that an ’employed’ person need only work 1 hour per week). Implictly this has all been caused by Howard alone and we are therefore all beholden to return Howard to office.

    No thinking, compassionate person should remain complacent about the threat that this blatent manipulation by our newsmedia poses to what real substance is left in our democracy.

  2. 2 T 50

    Definitely grain for ethanol is unsupportable even in the short term. I fully expect that the companies in the southern states who set up specifically take advantage of the grain harvests will in due course pull up stakes and move north to cane country. There is a current BBC article where a UN official has strongly condemned ethanol production, but this to me has all of the flavour of comment for cash judging by the tone and the arguments.

    The argument about CO2 released in the manufacture of ethanol originated from DOE figures based on corn ethanol which yields one sixteenth of the fuel for the same farming effort compared to cane ethanol. The argument is fully discredited. Ethanol is a naturally occuring substance and nature is fully prepared for its presence (most rotting fruit produces ethanol). Ethanol also readily evaporates leaving no residue other than its companion petrol. There is much strw grasping in web articles written on the use of ethanol.

    Again I am unclear on the pollutant products of combustion. Robert Merkel has done more research on this matter if I recall correctly.

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