25 thoughts on “Beard or bare?

  1. What does Mrs Q prefer? I’d go with that. Mrs D prefers bare, so my whiskers had to go.

  2. I reckon the beard looks better, but I personally now go bare as it’s far less itchy. If you grow the beard back, however, you can return the Ned Kelly comment to your sidebar. đŸ™‚

  3. Beard for sure. If you like, pretend I’m a gaggle of gorgeous grad students rather than myself a hairy beast, but definitely the beard suits.

    2 Tanners (say hi to Alf!) – what’s this about itching? You mean the bearder or the beardee? I’ve never had a problem myself, and the missus neither.

  4. I think your photos set up an unfair competition – what photo wouldn’t look better with a copy of “Uncertainty, Production, Choice, and Agency”? But I’ll vote for beard: too many grown adults today spend their time trying to look like adolescents…

  5. I vote beard on aesthetic grounds but in a Brisbane summer its amazing how much more comfortable short hair and either a bare face or a closely cropped beard can be.

  6. Agree with Ian G here. Despite working in an airconditioned environment(when the UQ computer lived in the basement of the Prentice building), my husband found that a well-trimmed (no moustache, shaved to chinline) beard was just about bearable in summer. As his hairline receded his black hair was almost symmetrically displayed around his face. You could be approaching that same situation!

  7. Seeing as you shaved for charity, you could grow a mo durring Movember also for charity and complete the circle. I’ve been inspired by some of the full on mossies on show durring the “Its Time” clip on You tube.

    I would vote beard, but are those dimples i can see in the bare photo, if you have dimples then it should be bare.

  8. I’m with Sinclair: go with Mrs Q’s preference. As the old and overrused line has it … we are interested, but she is committed.

  9. As someone who knows slightly both of your brothers Bob (I had many beers with) & Peter – keep the beard!!!! I also play hockey (veterans I might add, for an unholy alliance between ANU and the University of Canberra!) alongside one of your undergraduate classmates, who never saw you unshaven!!!! It cannot occur!!!

  10. Suppose you begrudge time spent shaving but believe beards to be certain fashion death – what to do? No problem! Shave only twice a week (Mondays and Fridays for me) and enjoy both the saved time and the fact that young women today seem to quite fancy that unshaven Thursday/Sunday look. Or so I fondly think, anyway.

  11. Apparently the Great Victorian Beard fell abruptly out of fashion when certain irreverent young men started shouting “beaver!” whenever they saw one. However, they showed more respect to the royal family, so it hung on [sic] there until the end of George V’s reign (and isolated pockets still flourish in the form of Prince Michael of Kent).

  12. If you grow it back and run a trimmer through it of a Sundee night, you’ll avoid the woollen blanket effect, but get the benefit of non-chemical SPF. That’s gotta count for something when you’re a white man in the sub-tropics.

  13. FDB 5

    My beard always itched, and others have had the same comment. So it came off, over the spousal 2T’s objection. I strongly doubt it improved my looks.

  14. It’s a carbon sink?!?! Does this mean I have some credits to sell to a Hunter colliery?

    I’m going ZZ Top and retiring.

  15. Beard for mine – but as a compromise doesn’t need to be as long. You’re very lucky to be able to produce a luxurious growth like that, so be out and proud!

  16. Definitely beard.

    I’ve met you a couple of times John (but not recently). I don’t think I’d recognise you on a train with your naked chin.

  17. Beard! You look bad ass with it. Lots of guys want to grow something like that and will be jealous.

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