Too much information

I installed Mac OS X Leopard on my laptop a couple of weeks ago, and tried out the spiffy new Time Machine feature which does differential backups to a hard drive. On the first run, of course, it had to back up the whole machine and I was a bit startled to see that it was copying over a million files. Of course, lots of those are system and applications files, but my documents folder, which is mostly stuff I’ve created myself, has over 250 000 files. And today I got a message from Eudora telling me (not for the first time) that my Inbox could only hold 32000 messages.

I can remember when I knew, by name, every file on the computer, and what it did. It was not that hard with a machine (128k Mac) that ran off a couple of 400k floppy disks.

7 thoughts on “Too much information

  1. Pleased to see that you’ve obviously got past the Leopard problems you were having. I must admit I tend to keep all my emails, but by filing them under basic private folders, that gets around MS Lookout’s limitations.

    Forgive me for finding it funny, but I almost heard the penultimate sentence of your piece finish with the words “by cracky!”

    Standing on the bleeding edge with one foot in the grave?

  2. You’re doing better than me. Right after I installed Leopard (a clean install) on my Intel iMac, the System Updater informed me it wanted to update the firmware on my hard disk (not the motherboard firmware). I said “Okay”. I wish I hadn’t. Now, no disk. Running System Profiler from the installer DVD shows no disk present. Sigh. This is really crap. I can’t wait 2 or 3 weeks for the rubbish Apple warranty repair to meander through their apalling service channels, so I’ll just replace the disk myself and see if I can use it in one of my other (non-Apple) machines. I reckon that’s the last time I spend one cent with that company…

    It’s back to Linux for me!

  3. I have but a lowly iBook G4 and am loathe to use Time Machine without buying a 500GB Firewire hard drive to go with it. I was planning to reinstall Tiger these holidays and start anew but I’ll probably just go and get Leopard (and iLife ’08) and be judicious with my installation of bundled software.

    Do you use Eudora out of familiarity or is it, in your eyes, the best on offer?

  4. I was out stuffing letterboxes with election propaganda in the wilds of Fig Tree Pocket the other day, and I saw a really nifty use for an old 128K Mac (actually this one was a Mac Plus ie 512K, but hey, it’s the same thing functionally. Even a Mac SE would do just fine, or a later model EMac… but I digress). The enterprising homeowner had converted it into a letterbox by removing the innards, replacing the screen with a slot, cutting a panel out of the back and re-mounting it with hinges. Looked pretty spiffy, I can tell you. I marked them down as likely Green voters with a Labor preference.

  5. New to Macs, we installed Leopard on our quite new macbook with no problems. It’s going well, touch wood. Boring, really, compared with usual Mikrokot difficulties.

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