18 thoughts on “The spoils of defeat

  1. Abbott is hated because he is Catholic who backs the wrong side. If he was in the right of the ALP he would be treated as an intellectual leader. As it is he is dismissed by most on the left as a religious bigot.

    I am fairly anti-religious myself but I like Abbott. He has strong moral convictions which he tries to live by but fails. He likes an intellectual debate and is shrewd. I have watched him debate and he does not have a closed mind but does not fall for the latest trendy theory. It seems to me he is a bit of a lad with a brain – he will never lead the Liberals because of biased, religious bigotry.

  2. Tony Abbot’s attack on the “social justice” section in the Catholic Church was hilarious. What did he say? Something like, “religious people shouldn’t get involved in politics.”

  3. i never imagined economists were the cutting edge of human intellectual endeavor, but being reminded that harry clarke existed leads me to wonder if just anyone can do it.

    imagine putting abbott before the public as a national leader… seriously…

  4. Its always useful to balance a serious comment with two ill-considered noises – the contrast emphasises the profundity of thought in the original comment and the utter aridity of the alternate viewpoints. Thanks Al and Icon.

  5. Abbot is an misogynist rottweiller with a ‘born to rule’ mentality which will be a treat to watch on the opposition benches.

    I’ll be watching Mal Brough if he manages to hold onto his seat. That man is ambitious and seemingly tireless.

  6. The original Abbott and Costello were a bunch a second rate clowns. They always made me cringe, not laugh.

    Er..what was my point?

  7. *If* he holds his seat, and *if* the coalition scrapes in again tomorrow, the best Deputy leader they could get would be Mal Brough.

    Pity about the leader though.

  8. It’s pretty speculative, but don’t believe that Costello will automatically keep his seat. Stranger things have certainly happened.

  9. A friend was a Union organiser at DEWR back when Abbott was minister for Employment and Workplace Relations (in itself a strange tale – union negotiating when *everybody* involved was an expert in IR law to some extent, and for a department charged with union busting – but anway).

    He reported that when Abbott took over, my friend reported that he had achieved what he thought was impossible, because the staff had begun to remember Reith fondly. They said Reith and Abbott both would reject out of hand any proposal, no matter how reasonable or practical, that seemed in any way supportive of unions as workers representative, but at least with Reith he would read and understand it first.

    Sheridan writes that Abbott is nonetheless addicted to the battle of ideas. What he means is that Abbott is one of those addicted to the idea of the culture wars, which, as you wrote about recently, has been one of the great downfalls of the Howard government, and if continued would be electoral poison, as it has been for the NSW branch. The public rightly recognise Abbott as an ideological warrior for a minority Catholic conservatism, and don’t like it one bit. I just think its stretching to say that just because Abbott is practiced at repeating conservative talking points that he has any real skill at genuine intellectual debate – Gillard wiped the flaw with him in earlier debates, though of course he never even had a chance against Roxon due to his own lapse of organisation.

  10. Abbott as Opposition Leader would be a gift. Actually, come to think of it, just about any of the current crop of frontbench Libs as Opposition Leader would be a gift.

    From a Labor point of view, probably the most dangerous Opposition Leader for a first-term Rudd Government would be someone like Turnbull.

    Agree with Anna K that Brough is also probably up there.

  11. Howard’s policies have made AUS “richer, stronger and prouder”. This is an indisputable fact, an 800 lb gorilla ignored by the Howard-haters. AUstralia has just experiences the longest boom in our history, our army is now operating as the defacto colonial power in the region and we no longer are ashamed of our history.

    Howard liberated and nation built Timor and settled the ethnic question, which is now causing major civil strife in the USA and USE.

    These are all goods which no body can deny. The govt deserves some credit for being sensible in most things and effective ministry.

    Dont you think it would be gracious to concede Howards good work just once before the vindictive victory dance? Otherwise it is the Howard-haters who are going to look silly in a decade or so’s time.

  12. “Howard’s policies have made AUS “richer, stronger and prouderâ€?. This is an indisputable fact, an 800 lb gorilla ignored by the Howard-haters. AUstralia has just experiences the longest boom in our history, our army is now operating as the defacto colonial power in the region and we no longer are ashamed of our history.”

    Post hoc ergo proctor hoc, eh Jack?

    1. The boom is the product of a world-wide mining boom. I guess we need to credit John Howard for that for his masterful management of the Chinese and Indian economies.

    2. Being a colonial power is an innately degrading experience – read Orwell’s Burmese Days some time – and these days it doesn’t even bring any financial benefits. Unless you’re suggesting we loot Dili and Port Moresby, which hardly seems worth the effort.

    2. I can’t speak for you but personally I’ve never been ashamed of our history.

  13. Jack, I agree with your posts 100%. Why do you want him to lose? This is masochism.

    Bad news for the Libs. Ratty’s lost the masochist vote.

    Masochists have been a core constituency for the Coaliton.

    I predict a Labor landslide.

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