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  1. Halelujah and the Lord be praised! http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,22863160-401,00.html?from=public_rss
    The Sudanese President in his infinite mercy has spared Ms Gibbons from the lash or a beheading.

    ‘Sudan’s influential Council of Muslim Scholars yesterday urged the government not to pardon Ms Gibbons, saying it would damage Khartoum’s reputation with Muslims around the world.

    Hundreds took to the streets of the capital on Friday, many waving swords and Islamic flags, calling for her death.

    “Retracting this light sentence would wound the sensibilities of the Muslims in Sudan,” Council Spokesman al-Sheikh Mohammad Abdel Karim said.

    “This is not a matter to be settled politically. This is a matter which goes to the very core of Muslims and their sensibilities.”‘

    The very core indeed!

  2. IG #17

    Religion has got a lot to answer for hasn’t it? How many people have died throughout history because my religion is better than yours?

    Islam does itself no favours with this over-reaction to what at worst is a cultural faux pais. But christianity, buddhism and Hinduism all have their dark histories as well.

    I don’t consider myself Christian – I think I’m probably agnostic (but I’m not sure whether to believe that or not) – but I’d probably defend ‘modern’ Christianity as having grown out of its medieval barbarism. Islam will probably get there too – but there’s more water to go under that particular bridge. In the meantime there’s enough ammunition to keep the bigots like Steyn going.

  3. Gandhi, I didn’t know about the IPA scholarship. As mentioned above, I’d trust they don’t have a say in selection and research supervision, which are not things the university should be contracting out.

  4. “The Sudanese President in his infinite mercy has spared Ms Gibbons from the lash or a beheading.”

    You know she was facing six days in prison, correct?

    Oh and you do realise the logical inconsistency between using this case to prove how primitive and irrational the Sudanese are AND citing it as proof of an elaborate (and successful) scheme on their part to extract concessions from Britain?

  5. Well Ian I’ll Izzat Majeed, a Pakistan writer and businessman, who bravely wrote in the Pakistani daily The Nation, explain all about primitive irrationals:

    ‘We Muslims cannot keep blaming the West for all our ills . . .the embarrassment of wretchedness among us is beyond repair. It’s not just the poverty, the illiteracy and the absence of any commonly accepted social contract that defines our sense of wretchedness; it is rather the increasing awareness among us that we have failed as civil society by not confronting the historical, social and political demons within us . . . For more than a thousand years Islam has stood still because the mullahs, who became de facto clergy instead of genuine scholars, closed the door on ‘ijtehad’ (reinterpreting Islam in light of modernity) and no one came forward with an evolving application of the Koran….The last thing (Muslims) need is the growing darkness in your (bin Laden’s) caves….jihad today is not in the hijacking of planes, but in the manufacturing of them.’

    Some good advice for failed, primitive and irrational leftists there too, but maintain the rage old son, maintain the rage.

  6. Jeez, those Mullahs sound a lot like Creationists.

    Now remind me, are most Creationists Leftists or Rightists?

  7. Like leftists, those equally failed mullahs aren’t much interested in creating anything but trouble nowadays Katz. It’s why they have a certain empathy for each other nowadays you’ll notice.

  8. It’s why they have a certain empathy for each other nowadays you’ll notice.

    I haven’t noticed this, actually.

    But I have noticed that religious fanatics of different stripes share the same illiberal, narrow, punitive, bigoted, obscurantist attitudes to others despite, or because of the fact that they are certain that their counterparts in the opposing faith are going straight to hell.

    They can’t all be right. Who is going to hell?

  9. Obsewrva- guess who else is a big fan of ijtihad and direct interpretation of the Koran without the intercession of clerics?

    Osama bin Laden.

    It’s how he justifies throwing out centuries of Islamic law and selectively seizing on those bits of the Koran which he can misinterpret in isolation to support his actions.

  10. While Australian government is very critical about the treatment that the minorities are getting under Mugabe in Zimbabwe, they seem not to care when minorities are treated badly in Malaysia and elsewhere in East Asia. Why this double standards ?

    What is happening in Malaysia against minorities is anti-democratic. Hindu temples are getting destroyed and minorities are getting a rough deal. And the Australian govenment is quiet.

    Well, minorities are also getting a raw deal in Australia. Australian government wants to push English language down the throats of the minorities. It seems they want monoculture just as the Malaysian government wants to convert all of its populations into Islam.

    Howard government has brought citizenship test to suppress the minorities from participating in the democratic process of voting. And ALP is also party to this legislation. Even in the 21st century Australia has a highly discriminatory migration policy.

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