End of year reflections

It’s the end of the working year for me, and I’ll be taking a break in January, so posting will be unpredictable (probably light, but maybe I’ll get bored and produce a mammoth post or two). Anyway, this thread will be open for a while, so post away. No real length constraint, but I’d appreciate it everybody would get into the spirit of goodwill towards all, and particularly fellow-members of this little community.

27 thoughts on “End of year reflections

  1. At the end of the third quarter he had $5 million against $7 million for Thompson, $9 million for Romney and $16 million for Giuliani.

    Yes the full details are here:-


    But whilst republicans like Romney and Giuliani have seen contributions decline each quarter, Ron Paul has seen his rise each quarter. And when all is done and dusted in the fourth quarter Ron Paul will have collected a further $20 million.


    If Giuliani collects the same in the fourth quarter as he did in the third quarter then he and Ron Paul will square off with roughly the same amount of money in the bank on January 1st.

    Even if Ron Paul does not have enough money in the bank today to win the nomination there is more coming and he already has enough to remain in the race irrespective of poor result in a way that Thompson, McCain or Huckabee simply can’t afford to do. And other than Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul is the only credible anti Iraq war candidate. Unlike Hillary Clinton he used his position in Congress to vote against the invasion and he did so for very principled reasons.

    Of course a Ron Paul win will be against the odds. However it remains a very interesting race to watch.

  2. Dear John

    Yes, this is a great blog and a good forum for ideas. Dropping our guard and going on holidays is a bit of a luxury we can’t afford – unfortunately:

    1. The people of the USA will continue going the process/motions of choosing a new President. They need our support and encouragement in making better decisions this time. If we had another worst-ever President like the present one this planet will end up as a burnt-out shell.

    2. The Rudd government seem to be making some moves in the right direction (Reconciliation etc) but will need to be watched closely lest they try to imitate the discredited Howard government. John Quiggin was quick off the mark on the silencing of scientists.

    3. The Queensland state government cannot be left unwatched either. Transport Queensland is sending out Vehicle Registration Renewal Notices with invitations from Citibank to refinance your credit cards with them at lower interest rates. This cosy relationship with government is improper and unsafe. See my letter to Premier Anna Bligh asking for this practice to end: http://getthelaborialstotellthetruth.blogspot.com/

    4. If all this was not enough, Queensland faces its first global warming local government election in March 2008. That is just weeks away! Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has led the way in returning Brisbane to the darkest days of 1960s Los Angelisation and threatens to saddle the next generation of ratepayers with the hidden costs and over-runs for his tunnels, bridges and wrong- infrastructure-for-ever. We now discover that his rubbish recycling system is a fraud. It seems that the carefully separated items are re-mixed with general rubbish in the trucks that collect our rubbish. Thank goodness there is a Greens Lord Mayoral candidate.

    Regards for a very busy 2008
    Willy Bach

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