Best blog posts of 2007

As I mentioned a while back, Club Troppo has picked out the best blog posts of 2007 for republication in Online Opinion, and I’m happy to say that one of mine, a political obituary for John Howard is one of the first selected. If you want to make a substantive comment, I suggest doing so at Online Opinion. If you want to offer metacomment on contests like this, cast a late vote for others and so on, do so below.

5 thoughts on “Best blog posts of 2007

  1. I always held and still hold there were only three things John Howard ever got right while he was in politics.

    1. Gun control after the Port Arthur massacre.
    2. His statement that new millenium did start on 1st Jan 2001.
    3. His refusal to meet the Spice Girls.

    In every other respect he was an unmitigated disaster for Australia.Let’s pause to recall all the personalities that were in the Howard cabinet at one time or another. It’s a ghastly parade and it tells us something fundamental about the link between such personalities and repressive ideology be it of the left or the right.

    If born in Soviet Russia most of them would have sought power in the Communist hierarchy. Power is what they seek and they will join the dominant oppressive power structure in any society. Power is their only truth.

  2. An iconoclast challenges received ideas, but it seems an ikonoclast merely refuses to do as he’s told.

  3. …and for James Farrell, it seems, narky personal jabs substitute for reasoned argument. It seems trolling has survived the Howarddammerung – will it also survive the expiry of the Bush mandate?

  4. Reasoned argument:

    1. JQ explicitly asks commenters not to make substantive comments on his Howard obituary here.
    2. A commenter immediately proceeds to make a substantive comment on the Howard post.
    3. The commenter in question (for better or worse) doesn’t do what he’s told.

    I suppose I should emoticons, but unfortunately I haven’t done the course yet.

  5. Don’t worry about it, James. That wasn’t really ikonoclast speaking, it was just a curdled mixture of chardonnay and latte, wasn’t it?

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