Only Clairol Knows For Sure

As I mentioned, I coloured my hair to raise funds for the Leukemia Foundation, as did some others in the Risk and Sustainable Management Group. Now, thanks to the marvel of cameraphones, here are the pics



17 thoughts on “Only Clairol Knows For Sure

  1. I couldn’t have picked you out of a police line-up of two. Unless you were talking.

  2. Black Beard transforms into Eric the Red. Are you have a midlife crisis John? When are you getting the ear ring and tatoo?

  3. i suppose this is a worthy idea, but badly effectuated. there is a big class of people who haven’t enough hair to shave or color. (trust me on this)

    perhaps a tattoo? it could be a permanent statement, or a wash-off. now that i think about it, it’s amazing that lefty young men don’t have “social democrat!” tattooed on their cheek. no, not cheek- they are bearded, so forehead.

  4. I can’t believe you didn’t grow the ZZ Top back for last Movember. Where’s your social conscience?

  5. Are you perhaps related to the comic actor Adrian Edmonson, whose character Vivian you so closely resemble?

  6. Who do we have to pay to make you look normal (ie post-seventies Left academic) again?

  7. That is so pathetic! I was expecting green or purple at the very least!!! I mean, in these photos you look like a normal 21st century academic.

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