Monday Message Board (Tuesday edition)

I took the Easter weekend off, so here’s the Tuesday edition of the Monday Message Board. Please post your thoughts on any topic. Civilised discussion and no coarse language, please.

29 thoughts on “Monday Message Board (Tuesday edition)

  1. So several commentators have suggested that a US recession is less of a concern for the world economy than in the past because the US represents a smaller percentage of the world economy and other major economies like India and china are likely to keep growing.

    It’s certainly a superficially credible idea but I thought it might be worth checking.

    According to the every fallible Wikipedia, America’s share of world nominal GDP GREW from 29.4% to 29.9% between 1998 and 2003.

    Now that’s probably changed somewhat in the intervening 4 and a bit years but it certainly suggests the US economy is still vitally important to the world economy.

  2. The National Australia Bank can afford to increase home loan rates because competition is lessening as smaller players are forced out by the credit crash.

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