Burma appeal progress

The Burma/Myanmar cyclone appeal has been a huge success so far, with donations so far totalling $1390 here and $2050 at Club Troppo. In the spirit of friendly emulation, I’d urge readers here to dig just that little bit deeper as the end of the campaign approaches. Remember that all donations will be matched by the joint efforts of the the Troppodilians and myself and that donations are tax deductible. So, if you are in the 30 per cent tax bracket, each dollar of post-tax income you give translates into a gift of nearly three dollars to those dealing with the aftermath of this disaster.

2 thoughts on “Burma appeal progress

  1. Dear John Quiggin,
    I am a secretary of the Australian Burmese Association and a PhD scholar. Thank you for your kind work for Burmese people. We are Canberra based, but have been working nation wide community based organnisations. We are working with the monks and vvoluntary organisations, and professional medical association nside Burma who have been helping burmese. If we can be any assistant of please let us know.

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