Burma Appeal preliminary results

We’re still awaiting some final confirmations, but the total amount promised by readers in the Burma appeal, which closed a couple of days ago, is a bit over $4000. My calculation show that this blog is marginally ahead of Troppo, but seasoned election-watchers will know that results can change with recounts and similar. Anyway, it’s been an overwhelmingly generous response. With our matching contribution raising the total to $8000, it’s the most successful fundraiser ever for this blog, which has now (with assistance from Troppo and many others) raised over $20 000 in total for appeals of this kind.

The situation in Burma remains disastrous, with natural calamity confounded by a government that seems utterly unconcerned with anything except the maintenance of its own power. Still, with pressure coming from the entire world, including ASEAN neighbors who’ve previously been inclined to give the junta a free pass, I’m sure the help to which we are contributing will get through in the end. It will still be sorely needed when it arrives.

4 thoughts on “Burma Appeal preliminary results

  1. Because the appeal initially didn’t have your email but did have James Farrell’s, I emailed my receipt to him. Probably a few others did the same. Therefore, allowing for this, I calculate a Quiggin win by a nose.

  2. Lord Sir A, yours seems to have gone astray. Could you email it to me as well. Thanks

  3. Sir Alex, if I replied to your email, I obviously got it. It’s just that we might not have connected your two identities.

  4. Thanks for doing this – it got me donating when I might not have otherwise. Very generous. And particularly when the Chinese earthquake is likely to get Burma out of the news much faster than otherwise.

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