Videoconference at LaTrobe

I’ll be appearing (on the big screen) at LaTrobe University tomorrow Friday 12-1 talking on the topic “Discounting and Intergenerational equity: the case of climate change”. Contact the School of Business for details.

I’m going to check if I can get a recording to post on YouTube. I’m also looking into streaming video, but that’s some way off.

2 thoughts on “Videoconference at LaTrobe

  1. One difficulty in you videoconferencing is that we cannot enjoy lunch with you afterwards. BTW the lecture is also being sent to LTU Wodonga where a group of interested economists and CSIRO scientistsd will be watching.

  2. While I can see upsides for videoconferencing, there are also downsides. One of the upsides is the increased probability of getting people from distant locations to give a seminar. One of the downsides is the lack of opportunity for students and faculty to meet with the speaker and discuss each others research. While in principal this could take place over email, in practice I suspect it often wont. It is more awkward to email someone whom you may not know very well than it is to meet them when they are visiting your campus to give a seminar.

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