More oddity at the Oz

The Oz today has quite a good piece from David Coats, arguing that unions and the Labor party need to focus on the quality of work, extending the focus on rights at work to the broader idea that “good jobs and quality work are an essential driver of both good economic outcomes and good social outcomes”. As he notes, New Labour in Britain signally failed to do this “there is a key lesson for Australian Labor from the British experience. Labour in government in Britain made twin mistakes: the party had no compelling answer to the new questions about work, and it offered lukewarm support to progressives in the trade union movement who did.”

So what’s the lead-in from the Oz? “THE ALP and the unions must learn from British Labour and move beyond class war.”

7 thoughts on “More oddity at the Oz

  1. Seriously who reads the Oz anymore? They twist anything (No matter how convoluted) to fit their agenda.

    The Oz is not good enough to even be bird crap paper.

  2. There’s not a newspaper worth reading. Newspapers are dead. Sadly, there is precious little worth reading on the internet either. There are too many opinions floating around untethered to facts in particular or reality in general.

  3. In his foreward to David Salter’s book ‘The Media We Deserve’, Stuart Littlemore QC writes:

    “Such is the concentration of ownership of the Australian mass media and its coercive effect on the major political parties that the politicians will not take the step that the community would ask of them. Who am I to disagree with Rupert Murdoch’s former ‘Sunday Times’ correspondent in Washington, who wrote in the ‘Guardian’ that:

    ‘In Australia, the government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the News Corporation.'”

  4. Methinks that maybe the Oz should “move beyond the class war”, or at least fighting it for Rupert.

  5. Well, at least they commissioned and published the piece. That’s an improvement on getting some fool like Keith Windschuttle to sprout toxic garbage.

    The blurb is of course written by Tom Switzer’s replacement (whose name escapes me) as opinion editor, although perhaps editor in chief Mitchell gets the final say.

    They would have considered how the page looks in totality, how the headlines complement each other and so on. It’s more likely that they found that the content could not easily be condensed into a catchy headline, so they made a misleading one up instead.

    They probably won’t use the author again. Much easier with simpletons.

  6. Perhaps there wasn’t room in the headline for the ALP and unions to learn from the FAILURE of British Labour as the Oz is very concerned about class warfare (don’t they realise that it is now OK to ride around in a Tarago with a disabled child).

  7. More nonsense on Planet Rupert today: Tony Blair positions himself as a climate change hero while Greg Sheridan talks about Robert Zoellick’s role in the “permanent global governing class”. He says “Zoellick embodies the traditional core Republican value of competence in government”.

    My take here if you don’t want to give Rupert the $0.00000000000000000001 benefit of your URL hits.

    It’s one thing for the “progressive” blogosphere-slash-punditocracy to write of Teh Oz as a waste of carbon, but the fact is that people do still read it (and then go out and vote). I don’t see Murdoch’s malignant influence on Australian life changing until the old bastard dies, and even then we will have to hope his children squander and squabble or gamble the whole damned empire into the ground, opening a space for other players.

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