We are ZCTU

As I mentioned a while back, Lovemore Matombo and Wellington Chibebe, the President and General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) are facing trial on 30 July on charges trumped up by the Mugabe regime. You can help the struggle to free them by making a statement at We are ZCTU and joining a letter writing campaign.

Check out the photomosaic of these two brave men, made up of 2000 individual photos.

One thought on “We are ZCTU

  1. I have recently struck up a relationship with an absolutely lovely man who works at a supplier company. This man stood out to us for his competence (relative to his work mates) in handling our orders. It turns out that he is a Zimbabwean.

    In my last conversation with him he talked about the immense problems that Zimbabwe will face in attempting to climb back from disaster. He points out that as a consequence of everything that is Mugabe, far too many people have had to learn to live by dishonest means, and for far too long. He points out that what hope is there for children who have grown up in this environment. Where did Zimbabwe go wrong? By not turning over their politicians regularly. He says that even if you replace good people with bad people, as long as you do it regularly it is better than pursevering with people who look good but can become incrementally bad. It is only through giving different people the opportunity to perform that a community can determine what type of people they should be looking for to administer their affairs.

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