15 thoughts on “Gender-neutral

  1. My guess is, you surf from work a lot. Ergo, no porn. That’s got to skew your results. 🙂

  2. male 67%
    female 33%
    reasonable – being male AND surf at home

    Having cleared browser cache I’m now an androgenic 50/50. With this new base I will restrict porn and Ikea sites and see what the future holds!

  3. 99% male. which is quite reassuring.

    Apparently realclearpolitics and wsj.com are over 1.5 male skewed, and the newyorker is 1.22, although barackobama.com is 0.68?

  4. At work doing IT stuff: 100% male
    At home: 70% male

    Remember however, this isn’t meant to be a fun thing. It’s supposed to highlight a real security/privacy problem with web browsers.

  5. Yikes! 95% male, but I’m actually female.

    Then again, I am an economist. It was the FT that really did me in.

  6. I’ve been somewhat bothered lately by the fact that, so far as you can on the net, the comments on political and scientific blogs seem to overwhelmingly be dominated by men.

    Do women choose not to comment?

    Do they find it easier to comment if they use male pseudonyms?

    If they don’t comment, why? Is it the subjexct matter or the adversarial culture?

  7. Ian,
    Since you asked, I’ve often found the discussions here and elsewhere to belong to the ‘I can piss higher than you’ genre. Mind you, a lot of comments are very interesting, carefully argued and full of stuff that I didn’t know. But a rather high proportion are not. I have also often wondered why, on the occasions when I’ve put some serious thought into a comment it usually gets ignored (so I tend not to bother any more). I’m not assuming anything about the possible reasons for this. The only thing I’m sure about is that it is not related to my lack of expertise in the topics that JQ blogs about!

  8. Melanie, I’m all too aware that I often contribute to that pissing-contest atmosphere myself.

  9. Interesting observation Melanie! Blog posting can often resemble late night dinner parties – every body pushing their particular viewpoint but nobody listening to anyone else – and that atmosphere almost certainly produces a pissing contest. Unfortunately the contest is not always about ideas but often simply attention! However if one is patient a pearl does occasionally emerge.

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